Monday, April 27, 2009

Upon Request

Upon request I finally have a picture. I really appreciate the request Kandra-it's always good to have a picture so you can remember how big you were. Even though I don't get that big-I know. I'm at 36 weeks..yeah totally crazy! It's not really a side view-but I think you can see how big I am..people in my ward keep telling me that you can't even tell from the back and that I look like I only have a tiny little beach ball in there..but look out-I'm always little but somehow the babies are 8 pounds! We'll have to see if she'll keep up that tradition.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Curtains and other things


Today with the help of my friend Karen -thank you..the curtains are done and up! They look super cute and way better for a little girl than blue ones!

Also on the camera there was this cute picture that I got of all the boys-even though Eric and Tyler's eyes aren't quite's still a good picture.

This week when Eric tested out the sprinklers Brandon was the first one to race upstairs and put on some water shorts and enjoy the sprinklers! He was so excited..luckily Eric had to make some adjustments so they were on for a while. Tyler tried to get as excited but every time he got wet he just cried so it wasn't as fun but he still followed Brandon around and pretended that he had as much fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I can't really think of anything new to blog-and I certainly don' thave any pictures-sorry..nothing exciting has been going on.

Brandon has been doing EXCELLENT with his potty training. I don't have to ask him if he has to go-even though it makes me nervous when he doesn't want to go right when he wakes up-but we haven't had any accidents..not in the morning. He's only had 1 accident that I can think of and it was when I was at the dentist so I wasn't there-so I don't know if I have to be around or what-but it's going great!

Tyler's starting to ask for things on his birthday list. I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing that I've got started or not. I started it with Brandon if he'd see a commercial on tv and said that he wanted it-I'd tell him we'll put it on your birthday list so we'll remember. So now Tyler just tells me he wants things on his Birthday List. Of course I only really start the list if one of them wants to see it written down or if it's a few months away from birthday time.

I'm all about pink right now, I'm searching through the outfits my sister in law gave me to see which one I want on Marie when she comes home..yesterday I picked out fabric for girly curtains in her room-because several people have told me that the blue ones with lions and giraffes just weren't very girly. I got to see my baby shower invitation a few days ago and it's super cute..sorry I'm only inviting people that live in Twin Falls because it's 2 days before Shanna's wedding and I think that would be unrealistic for out of towners to do so much traveling in such a short time frame.

The house-Eric's cousin helped us figure our our whole house issue--it is true in summer in 2 years our 80% loan will get a new interest rate but because rates are so low right now it may be in our favor--so hopefully the rates will stay low for a few more years. So we're not worried about that anymore. YEAH!! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


POOP! Brandon pooped in the toilet today! Okay so I was really late getting underwear on him today-because I was lazy..and he peed so much it leaked through his pull up and out his pajama's. Then I was still lazy I forgot to set the potty timer and about 12pm he looked at me while he peed all over the stairs..I said hurry run downstairs but he just sat there until Eric could grab him (he was home for lunch). So it was Brandon, Brandon, Brandon you need to run to the toilet-why didn't you? Then about 15 minutes later he runs downstairs to say that he has to go potty!! Yeah..he poops and pees..GO BRANDON. I was so proud of him I gave him some left over Easter chocolate while he was pooping then another when he was done. Since then the timer has gone off-but he said he didn't have to go-and I let him do this sometimes because he knows the consequence..then just barely he was on the computer..and he said oops I've got to go potty! He's NEVER done that-usually he's too busy to go..and he went-and afterward he wanted another chocolate-I only have a few left, I better get more-maybe that's the key for him! So it's only been 2 times, but one was Poop and I can't be happier!

Happy about that-grumpy about everything else today-it's just been a very trying day today..Tyler constantly needs me or his Teddy which I HAD to wash today it was just gross because he bites it sometimes right after eating and it gets crusties on it. My current theory is that our next child needs to be right around when this girl is 2 no later..these past 6 months Tyler's been more and more attached to me-and it's just ridiculous!

I told Eric at lunch if the day continues how it is we're having grilled cheese for dinner...he was very happy to hear that-I guess he's craving those, thank heavens because making dinner would just make me go over the edge today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

We wake up today and what do we see....?

Yeah-that's just great-April 15th this is supposed to be nice spring weather..what is this about? Eric didn't have enough time to shovel before work-so I went out to shovel because I've got Visiting Teaching in a couple of hours. Of course Tyler wanted to go out right away with only a sweatshirt and NO coat and just regular shoes..then about 50% of the way done Brandon wants to come out..then about 90% of the way done Tyler's screaming because his hands are freezing..and I had to bring him in then he just cried the rest of the time because 'he needs me' good grief--I'm really ready for SPRING!

So I thought I'd post some Easter pictures since I totally skipped blogging it-I'm not sure why. Saturday I tried to do a church egg hunt but we couldn't find the location-so we did the city one, that was really fast-in like 40 seconds I think the eggs were all spoken for. So we just did one around the house-it was fun.

Saturday night Brandon was SO excited for the Easter Bunny to come visit him..and Tyler was so scared that he was coming. It'd tell Tyler he's not going to come upstairs (their first night upstairs) and Brandon would say-yes he is, he's going to say hi to me. It was frustrating to make everybody happy and get them to calm down and go to sleep!

The Easter bunny left these cool ball popping things (thanks Linda) of course Tyler thought it was a gun to put on your arm and Brandon loved to shoot it like your supposed to--good thing since about 20 minutes after opening them we lost one of the balls..but since Tyler would rather wear it than shoot it-it was okay. I think the boys ate candy and maybe 1 banana before church Sunday..but I was happy to have the candy GONE. Except Tic Tacs that the boys suggested go in the van like we had a LONG time ago. Overall Easter was great.

Monday, April 13, 2009


6 Weeks and counting-for some reason that doesn't seem like very much time at all. Saturday we moved the boys upstairs--it's going okay, Brandon woke up about 4am and trapped himself in the room, yeah NOT so pleasant night because by the time we woke to his hollars and banging Tyler was up too, so lets just say I didn't get the best sleep in the world, but last night was much, much I think they'll be okay up there.

Now that I have this practically empty room downstairs-first of all it just looks weird like we haven't moved in yet..but I'm getting excited with this now empty amour I'm ready to get all my tiny girl clothes and organize them in there. I'm ready to set up the crib and put on my cute sheet and bumper set and the skirt and the blanket--but I don't want it to get dirty before she comes I just can't wait! I feel like now is the time to make sure the swing is clean and the car seat and everything--but in reality I still have over a month and I think I should just cool it!

My doctor really wants to deliver me-but he's going to be out of town May even though I'd like him to deliver I'd really rather have this baby before the day of my due date..but we'll just have to see what happens--he's got a back up doctor that covers for him-so the hospital knows what to do if I go into labor when he's out of town.

So I want to know who besides Linda has found ALL 17 CTR rings in the Friend this month-I still have 1 to go..and it's annoying that I haven't found it-but not annoying enough that I can't do anything else--I'd much rather read my Work and the Glory book than search that magazine AGAIN.

Mom-I know Connecticut isn't as exciting as traveling down south-but I know you still do stuff and I'd like to hear about it, or updates on a house or was fun reading your blog while it lasted...

I'm totally NOT into facebook but SO many people that I knew growing up are finding me-and it's pretty awesome to catch up with them..yeah for facebook.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just wanted to say that I can only find 14 out of the 17 CTR rings that are in the Friend this month and it's driving me's fun to keep looking but it's annoying...I feel like I should be smarter or something.

The boys and I literally ran in the rain yesterday. We were leaving Target during a heavy duty rain storm-running to our pretty close spot the boys got really wet and by the time I got the stuff in the van, returned the cart and buckled them in-I was soaked. The boys thought it was pretty fun-and said that the lightening was scary. They LOVED the drive home though-because I tried to drive through as many puddles as possible and they said that was way cool!

Also how could I forget to brag that Linda made Marie (our soon to be girl) a totally awesome crib set-a blanket, bumper set, crib skirt, and a matching sheet. THANK YOU so much for doing those things for me-they are super cute! Thanks for all the time and effort she's going to LOVE them!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Celebration

We had a few days of fun with Brandon's birthday. We started out Sunday with G&G Myrup, GG&GG Myrup, Brannon & Michelle and family and our was a bit chaotic but it was fun! Brandon loved his presents and apparently ate too much dinner because he didn't even want his cake and RED (strawberry) ice cream that he HAD to have with it! He told me how he loved the cake-so I was okay that he didn't eat any. We took it home so he could enjoy it.

So here's all the cakes-Brandon saw a picture of a purple cake with a little cat cake on it-and that's what he wanted. The cake looks like a little alien or something-but whatever..then I had TONS of cake left over so I did a free-hand baby bat cake. The big bat cake I made a pattern then cut it's really hard to frost cake that's been carved..but I think they turned out okay.

I like my chocolate details on the bat-thanks Linda for the great idea!

Here we are singing and blowing out the candles!

Monday is when he enjoyed his cake-Tuesday is when we opened the rest of his gifts and today is his birthday..but birthday celebration is over..too bad. I'm not really interested in dragging it out another day.

Brandon is so silly-this is evidence that he likes his purple bat cake!

Sunday all during the last session of General Conference he played with these Battle Brawlers-little balls that pop into robot like things when you drop them on the ground..that was awesome because it kept both boys entertained. Monday all they did was play either the fishing game or Elefun-back and forth-this one then that one, it was so funny.

Tuesday Brandon kept on getting toys taken away-his new toys because he had I think 4 accidents in his big boy underwear..2 poopy I might add--NASTY! And toys taking away was NOT helping he would say-ut oh better take away another toy--I wanted crying and yeah it's NOT going good.

Today they've been playing with Power Rangers and Transformers that he got-man I feel like he got a LOT of for him. Too bad Tyler broke an arm off of a Transformer last night-right after we opened them..and I don't think he can be fixed so is sucks.

Jake sent this awesome Batman card that the boys take turns carrying around the house-that was an awesome gift!

Thanks everybody it was an awesome 4th birthday!

It's been a few fun days, and I'm sort of glad he's 4, glad his birthday has come and gone--I'm getting more nervous about Shanna's wedding only 3 weeks from my due date..but I think we'll be okay.