Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun Stuff

Oh so cute! They were really hugging each other!!

Well it's been a long time-but less than a that's got to count for something!

I had my surgery on the 10th of this month and everything went well. It was an out patient procedure and after 12 hours of being there I was able to go home. It was a great experience my Dad stayed with me pretty much the entire time and we got to chat and it was just really nice to spend that time with him and to talk.

I couldn't lift Marie for the first few days after wards and that was the HARDEST thing. Not onto the couch, couldn't get her o
ut of bed in the morning, put her in her crib for naps NOTHING-it was rough. But called the doctor on Monday and the nurse said I could lift that was nice! By the time my parents left the following Friday I was feeling good, and I feel myself again-I'm all better! Since my recovery we've been doing some fun things, enjoying the last lick of warmth here in Idaho Falls before it goes COLD, COLD, COLD! Saturday there was a community day-and the zoo was bouncy houses, crafts and tons of free stuff. That was fun. We've been freezing our yogurts and eating them like Popsicles, Marie enjoys wearing a cape almost as much as's so funny. I don't know there's an update-and here's some cute pics of how we look..and how we're growing.

This is Brandon with his new friend Joey Sale. They are in the same Kindergarten class, but they actually live in our ward now-so it has just been really fun for Brandon!

I wanted to show Brandon how much he really looked like Batman.

This is our neighbor Bianca-the boys have really enjoyed playing with her this summer.

Tyler at the zoo..he's smiling..and his eyes are open!

The front of the zoo-they were excited to go in!

This is our group at the community fest-

Marie enjoying a frozen yogurt..

Cape Marie!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


School has started and Brandon LOVES it! I like it too, it's been fun to have 1 gone, 1 napping and only 1 to play with-even though I've let him play Nintendo part of the time, and that's been great too!

He's got the same teacher as our neighbor Bianca had last year, and Brandon was happy to hear it was the same! There's this boy in his class that used to be in our ward and is moving back-so Brandon has already made a friend. I keep telling him it's okay to have more than 1 friend, but we'll see how he does.

I guess today the gingerbread man brought them cookies and they chased after it. And got to eat some-and found some crumbs, Brandon's not sure if the teacher was lying or not-because the crumbs were fake! That's what he told me about today!! I'm so glad he loves it-I wish he were gone longer!

This is a pic of last night-I couldn't resist I could get them all in 1 shot!

Marie just hangin' out, yup she LOVES the binky!

This is a random video I wanted to share...

This is a video to show you what a rain storm does for us on our street!

This is Brandon trying to be like his Dad. He puts this orange thing in his ear-and pretends he's playing his game with his friends!