Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Air Show

Saturday we went to an Air show that featured the Blue Angles. It was a blast-of course we could have gone from 2-4 instead of 1-4 because the Blue Angles were the finalie and by then Tyler was anxious and board. Eric paid attention to all the stuff we saw like "warthog" jets and other stuff, which I don't know about. But we could sit with pilots, go inside planes, watch them in the air, cover our ears when it was too loud. It was really a fun trip..even though there is only a 1 lane road out of the Twin Falls Airport (that's where it was) so it took almost 2 hours to get home! Here's some pictures of our fun!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Temple Open House

On July 22nd we were able to go to the Twin Falls Idaho Temple Open House. It was an amazing experience. Tyler hated wearing the white foot booties, so we had to hold him the entire time, and he wasn't exactly reverent..but we all still really enjoyed the beauty of the Temple. (Of course Tyler totally isn't looking at the camera..but oh well).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Myrup Camp Out

July 14 - 16 the Myrup family went camping at Mirror Lake. The misquitos were very annoying and poor Brandon had over 10 on his forehead by the time we left. There was lots of fun, family time, fishing, rides in the canoe, and happy sleeping in the tent (last year Tyler cried ALL night). We missed Kevin, Jessica, Jake & Logan--and hope they enjoyed their WARM beds!

Brandon loved fishing, all he wanted to do was go fishing--he LOVES it! Since we've been home he wants to get his fishing pole out and practice casting and reeling it in. Tyler played in the dirt, and wanted to spend all day climbing on the wood path right by the lake (and the misquitos). I wanted to spend some time reading, but I guess with 2 kids-there's NO time for that when you're camping. But there was plenty of time for snacking and we had 1 game night without the kids, that was really fun..but FREEZING!

Please enjoy the pictures...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Time

On the 19th we had a family day and we went Bowling. Brandon had TONS of fun! He could put his fingers in the holes and throw it by himself..with a small bang because he let go a little high. But after each throw he'd run back to us enthusiastically-it was lots of fun. Tyler only looked forward to his turn, the bumper wasn't so bouncy-it'd hit the bumper but not bounce back so poor Tyler'd only get 1-3 each time, but it was still fun. We didn't bring the camera-so we have the lovely photos from Eric's camera!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 4th

Since July Fourth landed on Friday-we decided to travel down to Utah to be with family..take advantage of our 3 day weekend. Thursday night-we got to Orem about 8:30pm and the first thing I did was head down to University Ave. and see if I could find a good parade spot to save-and sleep at over night! Shanna my wonderful sister in law was so kind to share that fun with me. In all honesty we believe that spending the night is more fun than the parade in the we don't mind. We had some fun-my dvd player battery died in 2 minutes so that was crummy but caused us to get more sleep..if you can call it sleep!

The parade was okay, I guess they aren't allowed to throw candy anymore-and of course that's what Brandon & Tyler like most. But there were motorcycles, horses, big balloons that flipped for us, noisy horns, big trucks that sprayed water and the huge noisy cannon! It was good to get a front row spot and spend the morning with the family!

Friday we had a BBQ with some family and it was fun to acquaint ourselves with those we don't get to see a whole lot. Then Eric and I took advantage of the in-laws and left the boys sleeping at their house while we went to see the Stadium of Fire Fireworks..of course we just watched from a church parking lot, but they were awesome-and fairly long too. The plan was to play spoons while we waited for the fireworks to begin...There's me, Eric, Brett, Suzanne and Shanna. Right when we settle in the sprinklers come on. Yeah that was fun-but the rest of the night was very enjoyable, excluding the traffic on the way home. Fireworks are one of my favorite things-so I was very happy to have that time away from the boys!

Saturday Eric, Brandon and a bunch of other Myrup boys went fishing. Not just shore fishing or fishing from a canoe but fishing from a motor boat. Brandon had a BLAST he caught one of the 30 fish the men caught that day. Unfortunately the pictures are on Grandma Myrup's camera-I'll add them some day (I forgot to get them off her camera).

That night we put on our own firework show, of course Brandon & Tyler go to bed when it's still it wasn't the best show ever, but they had fun and that's what counts! Eric and Grand Dad had 6 Ground Flowers going at a time-so there were some surprises in our show!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grandma Lambarth

Grandma Lambarth came to Twin Falls June 23 - July 2. It was a total blast. Unfortunately for us I didn't have too many around the house jobs that needed to be done-so I lost on any help because I couldn't think of anything I needed done. We did however go swimming, make a tire swing and hang it in one of our trees, played lots of dinosaur games-and other creative games like throwing our pajama's to one another. Mom even cought a beautiful picture of both boys being very, very unhappy at Costco..they couldn't listen so they got banned to the cart and cried the rest of the time!

Mom I love you-and thank you for spending this time with me and also the rest of the family!