Friday, March 28, 2014

Katelyn's Birthday etc.

Well I haven't posted here about as long as I haven't written in my journal-so I guess the past 4 months are just lost to life without documentation...oh well.  I can't think of much that has really happened in our lives anyway.  One thing I wanted to write in my journal before Katelyn was 2 was that she can dress herself-pick out the outfit put the pants on and shoes-needs help with shirt but can get a nightgown off by herself!

And for some of these you just need to use your imagination because I'm too impatient to upload them to the external harddrive so that I can rotate them--hey at least you get to see sideways pictures!
In this picture I though the girls looked super cute Marie was going to school and Katelyn thought she was so cool because she found her pockets in her jacket!
 One day Tyler wanted to make a helmet-and asked if we had an empty gallon jug..pretty creative-I helped but still-go creative brain juices!
 Katelyn being cute..she knows when I'm taking a picture and poses-so nice!
 I told Tyler that he could wear this and be a hunchback for Halloween-it's our boche ball set so he said NO way it's too heavy-check out his face~

 I asked her to put out her tongue for this picture-so cute!
 Marie made this mask herself-we still can't throw it away she is so proud!

 Can you believe it-I'm actually in a picture!

 Yep we like to play with our food..who doesn't?
 For Bunco last month it was dress as your favorite book character-not that she's truly my favorite but it was an easy free costume and my friend Tiffany did my hair totally awesome and made me mop shoes to go with it!  Marie calls it donkey hair and said I was hideous!
 Katelyn is now 2 years old!  Here are a couple gifts and cake!

 Marie is so happy to climb in the tree in the front yard..all by herself!
 Katelyn got this for her birthday-can't do it too well by herself but there's plenty of room for 2 skinny girls!
 Marie was playing restaurant and Brandon was being a very nice brother and helping behind the counter then being a customer!
 Katelyn plays with the water at the sink when I wash berries or potatoes this time she was getting her hair wet-silly girl.

This week both girls got shots..Marie is ready for kindergarten!!  Yeah-she is so excited to go!