Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jokes and life

This is just a weird post-odds and ins of Myrup life. The first picture is Tyler and Marie I am not kidding I believe it was 30 something degrees outside..but Tyler wanted to have a real tea party. We always just pretend in Marie's set, I told him if he went outside and he jumped at the idea. So they are freezing their booties off..but they had a good time because they wanted to stay out there forever..but then Brandon called from school and he had an accident..and we had to get him. During computer I guess they have 11 minute timed tests, so he tried to hold it, but couldn't--poor guy.

Apparently when we did the fall carnival at Brandon's school-Tyler really wanted a rocket ship that was one of the activities we didn't do, because at the time he didn't tell us. So I looked online to see how I could make him something cool-and this is what I came up with. I used a piece of pvc pipe from our tee pee..wrap the paper around it, tape it, tape on paper tip..then they launch them by blowing hot air throw the PVC's great until the tip is so worn out it's not air tight anymore. But I felt like a cool Mom that day.

Yesterday we celebrated Tyler's birthday at school. Because his falls during Thanksgiving week and we get the ENTIRE week off..why-please let me know..and tomorrow they are doing a Thanksgiving Day party at school. The school gave him this crow, a paper with his favorites and things he thinks are yucky. When the teacher was asking him-they asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up..this is what he says "work at Papa John's Pizza" Lately he's been asking me for an RV, I tell him when he's a teenager he's going to need a job to save money and when he has enough money he can buy his own. And how he'll lock the door so girls can't come in..and how he's going to work at Papa John's to save his money..the teachers surely had a laugh at that one..and the thing is we don't hardly buy pizza except Little I must have told him I worked there and he remembered.

Then Marie wanted a picture and Tyler told her to wear his sweet!

My parents mostly have wanted to see the work Eric has done in the garage, and I thought this is the perfect way to post a video. SO here it looks sloppy because since we already have snow here, we just put as much stuff around the walls as we can so we can park 1 vehicle in the garage, and when Eric works on it he has to move the stuff every time. Poor guy-but I really want some garage space! That's why we bought a house with a 2 car garage! But when we moved in there was nothing-bare wood. He himself has put in insulation, sheet rock, taped and puttied-over the seems, sanded the excess, put some special rounded corner thing on the window, and primed the garage. On the ceiling and the first wall to the left were already finished with the house..he attempted to putty some of that falling tape off-but you know didn't really want to because it was added work-so the crappiest parts were already crappily done before we moved in. We don't really care what it looks like, Eric just wants it SEALED and that's the most important to him! I'm proud and I really want the shelving in and a functioning garage-but holy cow it has taken a LOT of time. He's had a co-worker help him a few times which is nice..but it's been 6 day weeks for a few months-he works out there after work and most of the day Saturday -but ALWAYS takes a break during BYU games..and I'm ready for the project to be over!!!

Also lately there's been a lot of joke telling, mostly Tyler and they NEVER make sense, so the past couple of days-Marie's been in on it too. I have NO clue what she's saying. But on the second joke in the video she says How something I say How, then she says because...something I don't know what-but when she says because I think it's so cute. Oh and she's got on a dress like ALWAYS..she mostly sleeps in dresses now too-she puts her pajamas on then wants a dress on top-never a dress up dress..just a cotton dress-but still that girl!
So today she's got a shirt to make the dress modest, a church dress that's 18 months-so too small, with Cinderella on top, then a cardigan that's PINK over white dress up princess shoes!

And Tyler's in the background, poor guy has a fever and has been laying there since 5:50am!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Every Time

Okay I'm going to start my post with something to let you know how much of a weirdo I am...about 1 month ago I bought a new scent for my fabric softener. It's Great Value, and it's a NEW scent, and it's called Original Clean. Every time I do laundry it sort of bugs me, it's an oxy moron to me, it's Original Clean, but it's a new scent..I don't know-it just bugs me I's weird.

Well it's November, it hasn't snowed since that one time early October, however this morning it was 16*, holy cow...I tell Brandon when he's getting ready to head out the door, it's freezing you better wear your coat..but in reality it's below freezing!

I'll post some pictures of our latest adventures...

Okay for starters-Marie always wears the crown she won in Halloween Bingo, almost always it's upside down, but she lives in that thing, and her Cinderella dress!
The kids got a Gingerbread Christmas Cookies book from the library, so we made pirate cookies..with a peg leg and all!

Tyler was in Fall Soccer this year, he LOVED it! There were a few days of cold windy weather..but he did really great and got quite a few goals!

On to Pumpkins, we carved them Monday before Halloween..and I think after 1 night you could see the wear and tare the whether was doing to them..but they made it.
Yes my boys are crazy..they didn't want to touch the guts, so they wore gloves! Me and Marie made pretend doughnuts from refrigerator biscuits (which the middle was raw on most of them, obviously I don't fry enough) and this year we toasted Pumpkin seeds and they were a real hit.

Thanks Eric for doing all the work! Usually I help a little bit, but this year I just hung out! Tyler's is on top, he used a picture from a book we have Spookiest Halloween Ever..he new weeks before carving what he wanted his to look like. Marie's is in the middle-Eric asked her if she wanted Happy, Sad or Mad..she said sad-so that's what she got! Then Brandon wanted there was our little clan, thanks to Grandma and Grand Dad for giving us the pumpkins!!

This is what Brandon looked like when he left for school..he didn't know what he wanted to be for a LONG time. He thought he wanted to be a zombie but Thursday night before Halloween we went to his school's Fall Carnival and waited in line for about 40 minutes to go to the Haunted House..I went and did other little games with Marie..but I guess there were LOTS of Zombies and it was scary for the boys, Brandon did okay for the actual haunted house, but couldn't get to sleep that he decided he didn't want to scare I came up with this idea..I spent about 4 hours hot gluing this fabric to some old pants and a shirt Saturday, feeling like I completely neglected my family. Eric was in the garage working (he's got ALL the sanding done for the garage walls!!! However still has to wipe down the walls and ceiling, and prime..then do the shelves..but he's been working super hard and I'm proud of him. For now I cleared 1 car space in the garage that I let him park in since I don't need to be out until 9am) Okay so back to costume..when he got home from school, I guess the pants were heavy with the fabric and he had to pull them up all day and was crabby, and I had to beg him to wear it to Eric's work for the Trick or Treating seemed like he Never wanted to put it on..but a friend of mine that went to the school Halloween parade said he was sort of bragging at school that nobody had a costume like that made me feel a little better, since I neglected the children most of Saturday afternoon to make it!
Now I'll always have a mummy costume..with a grass stain from Recess!

Tyler was a vampire by day and a Dragon by night, because it was windy that night and he refused to wear a jacket or coat under his cape..I don't understand why-it's not like it would be in the way!
This is him, in his Preschool parade!

Then they gathered and sang a few songs, I only got the Christmas song because it was first, then my battery was low, but they sang a squirrel song and a Halloween song.

Marie was a princess by day, or course and then at night she was a princess for the first 10 houses, then got cold and finally put on her coat and this cute lady bug..or course her dress is hanging out (and amazing, it was Snow White, not Cinderella!) However after putting this on, she just sat in the stroller while the boys went around. Halloween is Month end, so Eric came home earlier than normal but still after we got back from Trick or Treating, but in our neighborhood-it was fine taking the kids out by myself.
After we were all done..I made Brandon put the top of his Costume back on because I was a retard and forgot to get a picture of the three of them together!
And that is all the fun we had! Hope you all had fun too!