Thursday, December 6, 2012

The best girls ever!

Yesterday Marie was helping me make dinner, anytime I'm in the kitchen she's right's never helpful but fun to spend time together!  At this point we were making breaksticks, so of course the flour was out.  This is NOT the first time she's tasted flour-I know that she's felt that she likes it, but she has NEVER done this before..crazy girl!

I asked her if we should get the camera out to video her and surprisingly she said YES.  A year from now she's not going to believe she chose to do this..just like between 2-3 she NEVER wore pants only skirts or dresses..she's been wearing Jeans for only a couple of months but I can't even remember her dress and skirt only phase.

Also this is a video I really wanted to post last time-proof that I've trained Katelyn to give High Fives!
Please enjoy my crazy girls!! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

In the spirit of Christmas

The other day when we were getting all our Christmas decorations out we found a little Santa hat that Michelle made for all the little boys that were born in '06.  Eric went to see if Katelyn could squeeze into it and she did-and it was just so cute!

 We finally finished celebrating Tyler's birthday last night.  The request was white cupcakes and orange frosting, then the kids decorated them..they had a lot of fun.  I didn't want to cram 6 candles on 1 cupcake so instead it looks like Tyler is turning 51..I think it bugged me more than him.  I can't believe he's already 6!
 Katelyn is such a little person now-she hardly wants to eat baby food anymore, and I'm not's just a matter of giving her enough to eat and what she can eat.
Katelyn gives high fives now, I'd trained her and I'm very proud--she puts her hand up on demand and waits for you to hit cute!