Sunday, June 20, 2010

For those of you who may not have heard...

I had a stroke on Thursday June 17th. I woke up about 6am with the kids, normal day-everything was fine. We ate breakfast-I went to the bathroom..and then came the symptoms..about 7:40am or so..My symptoms were drooling (just 1 thin drool-but it took me a few seconds to figure out what as going on), I could feel my tongue was numb and Eric said it was the left side of my face, my left hand wasn't responding like normal and I felt a little light headed but thought I as just dehydrated. I was able to tell Eric I had just eaten Breakfast and he thought I was having an allergic reaction--but when we went in to the Urgent Care center they informed us, based on my symptoms I need tests that they don't offer there. That they are going to notify the ER that we're coming in and that I'll most likely need a CAT-Scan.

Eric and the kids spent about 2.5 hours in the waiting room-bless their nice-I was so out of it-time meant NOTHING to me, all the drugs I was getting. I got an MRI, CAT-Scan,EKG and an ultrasound for my heart.

Apparently I've got an open valve between the left and right part of my heart that supposedly about 20% of the people that live in the United States have-it's supposed to be open in the whom but seal after birth. This opening is called a at just the exact wrong moment a blood clot went through the valve and into my brain. The chances are crazy you know something like 1 in a million.

At this point I'm still waiting blood work to see if my blood most likely caused the clot on its own or if it's more likely a side effect of my birth control. I think they'll never know what really happened--the good thing is I'm better because Eric rushed me in-I was treated and don't have any affects of the stroke.

Also if I do get the valve fixed-it's not major open heart surgery it's a much simpler 1 day in, same day out procedure-but at this point we don't know if we'll get it sealed or not.

My cholesterol is okay for a regular person, but because I've had a stroke it's now considered high-so I'm currently on meds for that..hopefully down the road I'll be able to change my diet and not take medication for it-but again not something I'm going to deal with at this time. I've got to take an Asprin a day-to thin my blood as well. I have to check in with the doctor in the next few days-and at that point I'll hear the blood results and all that.

Right now there is no immediate concerns. I'm happy to be home and healthy!
I'm very, very grateful for family and friends to help us in this time of need! Everybody has been wonderful and there's much more giving and service coming which is so wonderful-I don't have the words to express how I feel and the love I have felt--thanks to all--even if it's thoughts and prayers I am very grateful--
Love to all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome time

Well we're having a ball here with my parents. Everyday we're doing something but not over doing it-it's just been good. My parents have taken the boys to swim while I stay home with Marie it's a pretty good life!

My parents have done all the home improvement jobs I've wanted -it's just been great. Eric could do a lot of these things but he's working a lot and not high priority for him-but for it's nice that stuff is getting done!

Yesterday we went on a way cool hike-it was sort of scary..for a little while I had Marie in the backpack (Jessica M..I haven't told you but I got a new one for $20 so I don't know-we'll talk about that later) there were a few parts in the beginning of real rock climbing and it was a bit scary I thought she was going to tip out-of course she was probably far from doing so, but she was crying my my ear and that certainly wasn't helping. But the rest of the trip was fun-Tyler scraped his knee a couple of times but we found a cave and there were lots of cracks to jump over the boys thought it was great-but of course we didn't have any phones with cameras or a real camera-so you guys don't get to see..sorry.

Also Marie can fold her arms on demand..that's fun! Still not walking yet..oh well.