Monday, January 17, 2011


Another post-I can't believe it!
We finally got Brandon's Real Construction set out that he got for Christmas. It looked too complicated for me so we had some Daddy/Brandon time and he made a tank..that took a little more Daddy help than Brandon wanted and it was more time consuming than he thought-so he got board, hardly plays with it yet is VERY protective of it!

-Tyler pretending he did some of the work...

Also they've been into goggles lately. Not just in the tub but they are spy glasses and they've done all sorts of imagination stuff with them, seeing x rays and just had a lot of fun playing this game together!

-Brandon however wasn't excited about a picture.

And Marie with her CHEESE!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blue Beauty

So if you add a Black in front of my title followed by and..that's my new nick name. Since my stroke I have to take a big aspirin and Bruises have been tough..but yesterday I took a spill on the icy snowy road-just from the car to inside and it's as bad as it's ever been! Just a few minutes after there was this HUGE bump-then later it turned dark purple. It's still bumpy today and well it's just rough.

Since I've been in the slacker club..I thought I'd put some pics of the kids on here.

We had a fabulous Christmas-seeing my brother at my parents house the week before Christmas, then spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with Mom and Dad Myrup. However Kaden was born Christmas Eve so it was hard without Grandma. The kids kept asking when she was coming back and it wasn't as vacation-y..since I did the entertaining and not Grandma. But if I had a baby I'd want Grandma there too! The boys made some pretty cute Gingerbread houses though...

-Thanks for the houses and candy Grandma!

Oh yeah and I made stuffing from scratch for the first time on Christmas day-far far from Linda's yummy stuffing..but it was okay. Alan did a great job with the rest of the meal and Christmas day was a lot of fun!

The rest of the pics are us just messing around. Marie is the only one that likes to get her picture taken these days..and she even says CHEESE it's awesome. Since Christmas all she wants to do is push her baby around in a stroller, feed her, wear dress up clothes and shoes and sunglasses and make cute pictures!

-We got this little couch from a friend Kenzie that was getting rid of it--holy cow the kids have such a BLAST on it, I can hardly remember life without it!

Oh yeah and before I get to the super cute pictures I'd just like to say. Marie is in the stage where she has to do things by herself. She has to take her coat off, she tries to put her own shes on-but usually resorts to help. But she's already such a girl! She has to pick out the pair of shoes she's going to wear, if I put a bow in her hair she doesn't want she rips it out-but if she picks it she leaves it alone-it's just crazy! In this picture she has a bow and is wearing a headband..but that's how she wanted it..and I honestly don't care what she wears...

Aww..super cute!