Monday, November 22, 2010

We're Alive

We're alive, however I feel like we're starting to get snowed in and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! It's's not really that bad, but because there is no school this week-the road is hardly driven on and all you see is snow, snow snow!! Brandon had a fun time today-Tyler and Marie, not so much-but oh well, the Hot Chocolate was good.

What have we been up to? Not really sure-nothing too exciting, but I'll post some pics from Halloween and stuff.

Oh Tyler turned 4 yesterday, he had a fun birthday-LOVED all his presents--and tomorrow we're having cake and ice cream with that's going to be a blast!

Marie was a bee, so stinkin' cute!-we borrowed it from Callie our old neighbor, she was so cute and ate almost all her candy before we went home..

Luckily I found this Power Rangers costume I believe 2 days before Halloween-it finally suited Tyler.
Brandon's been this Ninja, I think this is the 3rd year in a row! It was definitely too small this year, so he'll have to be something else next year.

I was a referee this year, I volunteered in Brandon's class that day-so I thought I should be something, and that was easy. For a week afterward Tyler still dressed up each day and the boys asked about Trick or Treating..Brandon still has a TON of candy left-that I think Daddy will eventually take care of.

Even Marie likes to dress up daily!

First Snow-2010

Snow FUN!

This is just because I don't ever post pics of me..

The boys put clothes pins on their fingers one day, I think it was sort of like wolverine..but regardless they had a blast!

This is Tyler's mouth after eating some blueberries!

It's hard getting a good pic with 3 kids..

These are my 2 little fish, wrapped in blanket with 1 tail at the end..we're being creative to entertain while Brandon's at school.


The kids had a lot of fun with Marie like this, and she loved it!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun Stuff

Oh so cute! They were really hugging each other!!

Well it's been a long time-but less than a that's got to count for something!

I had my surgery on the 10th of this month and everything went well. It was an out patient procedure and after 12 hours of being there I was able to go home. It was a great experience my Dad stayed with me pretty much the entire time and we got to chat and it was just really nice to spend that time with him and to talk.

I couldn't lift Marie for the first few days after wards and that was the HARDEST thing. Not onto the couch, couldn't get her o
ut of bed in the morning, put her in her crib for naps NOTHING-it was rough. But called the doctor on Monday and the nurse said I could lift that was nice! By the time my parents left the following Friday I was feeling good, and I feel myself again-I'm all better! Since my recovery we've been doing some fun things, enjoying the last lick of warmth here in Idaho Falls before it goes COLD, COLD, COLD! Saturday there was a community day-and the zoo was bouncy houses, crafts and tons of free stuff. That was fun. We've been freezing our yogurts and eating them like Popsicles, Marie enjoys wearing a cape almost as much as's so funny. I don't know there's an update-and here's some cute pics of how we look..and how we're growing.

This is Brandon with his new friend Joey Sale. They are in the same Kindergarten class, but they actually live in our ward now-so it has just been really fun for Brandon!

I wanted to show Brandon how much he really looked like Batman.

This is our neighbor Bianca-the boys have really enjoyed playing with her this summer.

Tyler at the zoo..he's smiling..and his eyes are open!

The front of the zoo-they were excited to go in!

This is our group at the community fest-

Marie enjoying a frozen yogurt..

Cape Marie!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


School has started and Brandon LOVES it! I like it too, it's been fun to have 1 gone, 1 napping and only 1 to play with-even though I've let him play Nintendo part of the time, and that's been great too!

He's got the same teacher as our neighbor Bianca had last year, and Brandon was happy to hear it was the same! There's this boy in his class that used to be in our ward and is moving back-so Brandon has already made a friend. I keep telling him it's okay to have more than 1 friend, but we'll see how he does.

I guess today the gingerbread man brought them cookies and they chased after it. And got to eat some-and found some crumbs, Brandon's not sure if the teacher was lying or not-because the crumbs were fake! That's what he told me about today!! I'm so glad he loves it-I wish he were gone longer!

This is a pic of last night-I couldn't resist I could get them all in 1 shot!

Marie just hangin' out, yup she LOVES the binky!

This is a random video I wanted to share...

This is a video to show you what a rain storm does for us on our street!

This is Brandon trying to be like his Dad. He puts this orange thing in his ear-and pretends he's playing his game with his friends!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Fist off-I went and got that test at the hospital and I do have a hole in my heart. It wasn't a PFO like they thought-it's just my heart having a hole and working extra I'm going to get it fixed-and as fast as I can, because the sooner I do so the sooner we can have another child..which I would have liked to have been expecting this month-but life does go on.

Then I thought I've been lacking in some pictures. Marie especially has changed, she's walking everywhere and her hair is growing like weeds-and it's just a lot of fun to do I thought I'd share some random shots.

-Marie was super cute at church on Sunday with her pony tails but she wouldn't look at the camera--good thing Brandon loves getting his picture taken!

-This is the first time I've been able to put all the hair in the back into her pig tails..but it fell out-it's too curly-but I was fun to do!

-This summer we've bobbed for apple quite a few times..the boys LOVE it! Marie likes apples and apple cores too!

-Here's some or my new bows I got. I found a wonderful gal on craigslist that makes them for me-for cheap! It's awesome! Way easier to get them cheap than do it all myself.

Well this is how boring I'm going to be this time! Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Airshow and other important facts

Saturdy July 24th we went to see the Blue Angels at the air show. We have gone once before so we purposefully only went about an hour before the real show started. We all LOVED it-it was just as amazing as last time..but getting on the shuttle to get to our car..that's a WHOLE different story-the air show ended about 3pm and we didn't get home until after 6 pm. It was HORRIBLE.Looking back now-I only remember that it was a fun activity-but at the time it was hectic and I wish we would have had more water and some food!

Here's a pic of the Angels they said they are about 18 inches away from each other..crazy!

This is the MOTHER ship-it's HUGE..but of course couldn't do as cool of things.

Tyler in a helicopter-but he didn't want to smile-and the sticker on his forehead is some political thing, he thought would keep him from getting sun burned!

This is Brandon's very first BUS ride. The shuttle from the parking lot to the airport was on a bus-and he was VERY happy about that!

On to other news. I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday and things are becoming a reality. I'm getting a test done this Tuesday to take a closer look to see the size of the hole and see if it's a possibility to get it fixed. So we're going to get that done-then go from there.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Grandma was right!

Okay-I don't know why it's underlined and I don't care! The pics are all messed up and some haven't turned-and I don't care-this is more than I thought I would do..I'm so behind! But we're all alive!

We went to my Grandmother in Michigan and that was a BLAST-of course how could it not be. However she warned me how one little poke with Asprin and you've got a bruise-yeah I'm living that! Sometimes my legs look like something horrible has happened and I can't even explain it! Every day wear and tear doesn't work with Asprin I've learned. I ate a Klondike bar almost every night there-and when I got home I was about 7 pounds lighter! I'm certainly NOT complaining!!

We had some good times with Dad and Grandma's friends Walley and Doris..the first time I've really connected with them-it was really fun (they didn't let me get a pic of them though)!Some nice guy at Walley and Doris' pool let us use his goggles-they were HUGE but Brandon had a good time with them!

Ice cream...for dinner! YUMMY!--it was a back up plan on the first swim day..
The tractor at the petting farm-they all loved it! Brandon learned that pigs don't sweat. We've had some fun with him telling people that and Tyler making up his own facts.

cThe hay ride!

uBrandon was sweaty one day and learned that he could stick a penny on his's MAGIC!

The kids and I took an overnight trip to Twin Falls! It was a ton of fun, they got to see friends and I got to see was a lot of fun-and really not too far, just over 2 hours-that's do-able. Sorry for anybody that reads this that I didn't see-it's hard to see everybody!

We've got ourselves another water girl like Abbie! It's so fun!

Oh yeah among all this-Eric got his eyes done-he can SEE. It was only painful a few hours afterwords and he took a nap..when he woke up he could see and he felt good!

This is a cute pic of Tyler!
While I was in Twin I bought a bike trailer from a guy on craigslist and it's not a cool one that's a trailer and stroller like I hoped..but Marie loves it! I still yearn to go on a ride with the WHOLE family..but someday we'll get Eric on board--for now it's a lot of fun..our 2 times we've gone.

Well I've got more-like the airshow maybe I'll be posting that soon...