Thursday, June 18, 2009

So much done!

My parents are gone! I'm WAY sad about that..we-well my Dad got SO much done-so that's awesome. Eric and I made a list of projects around the house, mostly in the yard that needed to be done and my Dad got most of them done! That's wonderful. My favorite is a new sandbox for the boys-no more digging in the flower bed that doesn't have anything beautiful in it because it was our digging site. The boys totally LOVE it-too bad I don't have a picture of the boys playing in it..what was I thinking? But I've got a picture of Brandon helping to make it.

Then there's Grandpa putting in sod around the sand box and the boys helping.

Grandma totally re-did Marie's closet so there's a lot more usable space and helped me get organized! The boys just loved spending time with them, playing, swinging, reading books it was a total blast!

My Mom changed most of the diapers while she was here-that's been 1 big difference since she left-but besides that things are going good. She still sleeps a lot though and I only get out of the house to walk down to the park and eat free there are still more things I've got to adjust to..but I'm doing okay.

The ward is giving me dinners this week and part of next, so that's a big help. Yesterday Eric had a work thing at 6pm-and I needed to take Brandon to his swim lessons-which he enjoys! So I got somebody to watch Marie because I didn't know how Tyler would do on the edge of the pool and not getting to get in-(he did really really well)..that was the only time I've been away from Marie-and it felt like a nice good break!

-Check out those muscles!!

Eric got on our scary angled roof and trimmed the branches off-the boys would wait and when one fell they'd hurry over to it and drag it into the BIG pile on the patio-they had SO much fun doing this.

Brandon and Tyler are doing more activities to keep themselves busy-which is nice, or play rough together and they only get each other every once in a while. Life is good right now-of course I miss my parents, but I'm looking forward to seeing them again this summer.

Marie is awake more-sleeping pretty good at night-which is awesome. I think I go to bed before 9pm every single night-but oh well..makes me feel better in the morning. She nurses and takes a bottle-so that's really, really nice--I don't feel like it's jut me all the time!

All right I'm needed-my computer time is over. I'm glad I finally got an update.
Thanks Mom and Dad for all you did for us! It was wonderful to have you here!
Thanks Alan and Linda for coming up and visiting with us 2 times-that was a lot of fun, and It'll be a LONG time before I get as much sleep as I did the night you took care of Marie!

Today Brandon asked to hold Marie-Look at that proud face!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Details!

Okay so I don't know how many of you heard the details of the events--so I thought I'd share..while Marie takes a nap.

Wednesday May 27th I had a doctor's appointment at 2pm. At that point I was dilated to 3 cm. Around 4:30pm I wasn't feeling too wonderful but I hadn't really rested since my appointment-however by 6pm I was surely having contractions. I timed them from 7pm-10pm and they were still about 5 minutes apart but getting stronger so I decided I'd rather call my night person now at 10pm than in the middle, middle of the night-so we called her, and she came over. Seems I had a LOT to tell her, I was nervous about going in-I didn't want to be sent home-so I kept on talking and talking every little detail-and finally we left.

This little baby has given me contractions before-and I thought I was going into labor so I was nervous this time. When I get up to the ob it was 10:45pm. They check me-I'm 3 cm! I couldn't believe it-I was that much earlier that day..I did NOT want to be sent home! So I hung out about an hour-they said if I made any progress I could probably be admitted to the hospital. A little bit before midnight they check and I'm 3.5-4cm. They tell me they're going to call my doctor and he probably won't send me home because I made progress but I may have to walk the halls for an hour. I couldn't believe that-the contractions were starting to hurt pretty bad. So I never ended up walking the halls-because they checked me again about 12:30am and I was a 6, by 1am I was an 8, by 1:17 I was fully dilated!

Somewhere around 1am the anesthesiologist came in. The nurse recommended another form of numbing besides the epidural-the effects were the same but instead of a continuous stream it was just 1 shot that lasted about 2 hours. It was still in the spine and everything-so I got that-because I was going fast. I've never gone this fast before and because of it it's surely the most painful of all because I was about 8cm when I got pain relief and my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and getting painful!

While the anesthesiologist was doing his job my water broke-that was an interesting feeling. But the important thing is that I was able to get pain relief.

Marie was head first but face up, and I guess that's harder on the body-but I couldn't tell at the time. With an epidural all I feel is pressure and I could feel a bit of pain but it was 4 contractions and about 12 pushes this little angel was out!

This was the first time that they put her on my belly right after the clipped the cord. That was incredible-a bit messy but it was awesome to have her in my arms right away!

So this is my story-the first night at the hospital Thursday-on to Friday was a nightmare I could NOT get her to sleep until about 4 am. Friday night Eric's Mom Linda was here and she took her -until she needed to be fed and I slept marvelously! Saturday night I only woke up about 3 times--then Sunday night was another NIGHTMARE. We really need to get a good pacifier for this child..but Eric decided to take Monday off so he was a HUGE help!

Last night I had to wake up pretty much every 2 hours-I suppose I can live with that-but it is a bit tiring! But she's truly a keeper, I love those little smiles when she's floating off to sleep, she's just super cute and it's fun to have a little girl. I can't believe I've got 3 kids-but it's life and it's exciting!

This is what she looks like today!

This is what Tyler wants to do-lots of kisses! He asks if he can Pet her..I think that's super cute! She's little and he knows he needs to be gentle with her-it's funny but cute! Such a sweet big brother!

This is Grandma-I'm so glad she comes up when I have new babies-I love it!

It's so fun to put cute outfits on her!