Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just an update

Nothing new is really going on here, Eric got home last night after being gone for 10 days and he commented on Katelyn in the airport and said that she is just walking everywhere-I thought she was for a few weeks, I guess being gone for a while puts things in perspective when they are so little.  Katelyn is walking everywhere-like she's been doing it for years!

Eric had his birthday-Eric and I went out on a surprise date!  It was a lot of fun, just getting away from the kids, then we were given cupcakes from a cupcake cafe and that was his cake for this year--YUMMY!

And the kids sang Happy Birthday so good, I wish I took a video it was cute!

Brandon has been baptized!  I think he had a very wonderful day that he will remember forever!  I'm so proud of him!! I'm so thankful that we were able to have some family here for this day-it was incredible, and I'm so glad Eric baptized him-such a wonderful memory for both of them.

These are other pictures that wonderful day!

 This is my Dad helping the kids plant peas, it's my first garden (that my Dad built for me when he and my Mom visited before Brandon's baptism!), and my first planting from seed-they are doing great!  I feel like a little child watching them's so exciting!

 Marie has had her final dance performance and she did awesome!  Hopefully some movies will load for you all to see.
 They all got a trophy she was so excited!
Here is her hair from the back, Tiffany did a totally awesome original way!


 This week Tyler has had his Kindergarten Graduation-and he did a wonderful job, and wore his suit coat-and was sweating up there but just did incredible!  It's sad because we won't be seeing these teachers anymore because we are going to a new elementary school next year.  I got a yearbook so hopefully when we're older we'll remember some things about our teachers and this school.

 This is him ready to go perform!

Today is Tyler's last day of school, Brandon has a half day tomorrow and then it is summer!  What am I going to do with these kids all summer long?  As sad as it sounds I think I'm going to have to transition Katelyn into 1 nap so we can have a bit more time to be out and about this summer..we'll see-right now she still sleeps 9-10:30 and in the afternoon for 1.5 hours!

Idaho Falls has a lot of free park games and running this summer but I was too selfish to sign them up because I didn't want to make a commitment to bring the kids-and both girls were too young to do any of them-so hopefully we'll have fun on our own this summer.

On Sunday Katelyn cut her pinky finger on her left hand pretty badly, I was with a good friend and she looked at it when it was really bad so I didn't have to!  She thought I should take her to the ER to have it looked at, it was a deep gouge.  She has a friend that works at the ER but was at home, so she looked at it-it finally stopped bleeding so she glued it and bandaged it and since then it has been doing really great-I'm glad I didn't have to take her in, Katelyn has been doing really well with it-obviously she cried but she was also really good about it!
 This is the only picture I have of Katelyn with her pinky wrapped in her big bandage.

These are just pictures of everyday life..
 Katelyn looks like she can ride Marie's tricycle but she can't.
 Marie hanging from the tree!
 Marie just playing inside one day-but it looked so cute, I had to get a picture!

 We've just started recycling, it's now in our area for $5 a month, being picked up every other week-totally worth it!  The kids think it's a play land and they like to get in it, smash all the stuff down-tell stories with flashlights and the lid down-yes I know they are weird!

Oh yeah one day, I let Marie put make up on me, I really just laid down in the truck and took a nap, but this is what the result was, Marie was so proud she said I looked beautiful!  Eric thought I had a black eye, and had to remind me to wash my face because I just forgot about it.