Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing exciting

I'm boring-I can't think of anything very exciting to put on here..apparently me and the kids have been bored this week.

Today I bought Brandon a potty toy..don't get too excited he's not potty trained yet-I bought him a toy to hold while he sits on the potty and so he can really dream about playing with this Transformer. I also made him a new potty chart. This one has a picture of the Transformer we bought for him as the car and the Transformer and I cut him into numbered squares so when he goes potty he picks a number, matches it and puts it in the right spot-when Jazz is all together-hopefully he's going each time he needs to and we'll be on our way to success! Tyler's feeling left out-so I think I'll have to get him a toy too-that would be awesome to do 2 at once!

Eric & I are super excited to rent Iron man-(I think it's out this week), we haven't been able to see it yet but have heard only great things about it..I put it on Eric's Christmas list already-he never knows what he wants.

Jessica Myrup is sort of getting me excited to start a new sewing project on my sewing machine..which I appreciate. I'm going to see if I'm smart enough to figure out a way to sew zippers on my couch cushion covers I made so I don't have to take the seem ripper to them, wash them, then sew them back up--but who knows how it'll work.

Hope you all have a fabulous week..we'll see some of you this weekend for Conference-we're super excited. Brandon just can't wait-he keeps asking who he's going to's everybody he wants except his cousins Jake, Luke & Bryce..but hopefully we'll see them soon...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Silly Things

Well this is just a bunch of silly things our family has done.

A while back I did the octopus lun
ch..Brandon was so excited to eat one that we had lunch about 30 minutes early because he kept asking me if the octopus was ready yet-and I was sick of listening about that. Brandon thought it was super fun-he said he was the shark eating the octopus and it just made lunch a lot more fun!

Saturday I got our Halloween costumes out-to see what Brandon wanted to be..and he's been trying them on ever since. For Halloween he's picked to be the Shadow Ninja but since then he's been obsessed with playing Spiderman dress up. Yesterday we watched Spiderman and he had to put his costume on, do everything he does, climbing the couch for the walls and shooting webs, every time Spiderman had his mask off Brandon took his off, every time it was back on-everything. In about 20 minutes I made him put it on and off himself, thank heavens! It was still funny..then today he asked where the outfit was and he just pretended without the movie.

The other night in the tub they were pretending they were swimming and I couldn't help but get a picture. They were actually having fun together and not splashing. I really need to get Brandon in swim lessons-but I'm a slacker Mom.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This week my sister did an update on what's going on with her family and I really enjoyed reading it-so I thought that'd be good to do for us.

Eric-He's currently cutting down on playing WOW his computer game (yeah) however he's still way busy studying for more computer certifications-this one is's a bunch of tests! And still waiting to hear back..

Brandon-his favorite things are Transformers and Ninja Turtles. Today at church he had a bunch of toys--a space ship, a semi-truck, a yellow car, a helicopter and he was going ch-ch-ch and then they'd all be up like transformed people-then ch-ch-ch and they'd all be on their wheels or bottoms it was cute.

Potty training is NOT going good. I don't know what to do. He can't pull his pants at church I just kept a diaper on him-I know that's bad but he wears them at night and we only have about 5 left so I was conserving. But during church he said excuse me but I didn't hear anything and he looked like he was concentrating. I asked him if he needed to go potty-he said no don't check. So I think he was peeing--so at least we're starting to get some recognition going!

Tyler-His favorite thing to say is FUNNY: if other people are laughing he'll be the first to say funny! It's cute. Also I DID IT! He says it in a way that he's so proud of himself-climbing up on something, opening a bag, doing a puzzle, clipping the top buckle of his car seat whatever--and it's just so fun to hear him so proud of the things he's doing.

Me-well the kids are dying to use the computer. I'm currently in charge of finding a place in Twin Falls to rent month to month so that Eric will be convinced to put the house on the market. I'm about 9 months behind on scrapbooking and very sad about that. I'm frustrated about the whole potty thing..and I'm loving the last glimpse of warm weather we've got left and enjoying my time home with the kids. I've had a great week trying new experiments and really bonding with the kids!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little fun things

So lately I've fallen in LOVE with this site Makes and Takes
there are SO many wonderful crafts and ideas on this site I've just been addicted the past couple days.

I'd like to share a couple that we've tried. First ice cream in a bag. I've heard of it before but thought Brandon's old enough now he'll actually think it's fun. Which he did squish it up towards the end and in 15 minutes we had a pretty good ice cream-granted not that much ice cream, but that's besides the point.

Then this morning I decided to try her Semi-Homemade Donuts they were better than I expected-since they are made from biscuit dough-which just aren't my favorite (store bought). However some of mine weren't quite cooked all the way. But for 2 bucks and hardly any time they were great!

Sugar Cookies

Brandon's been bugging me for a while to make cookies--and not just regular cookies..cookies with shapes and icing. We've never done this before.

I found some cutters from a friend-there was NO way I was going to buy them since it's obvious I never make sugar cookies.

Then we just had fun-Brandon LOVED cutting them out-he frosted 2 and ate 2 and then he was done, but I had a fun artistic time!

Tyler-yeah all he did was sprinkle sprinkles on and eat them. He was so kind to offer his services to sprinkle some of my frosted cookies..thanks Tyler.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potty Training

Okay I want to know everybody's experience with potty training! We're having huge issues over here..for example when your child was potty training could they pull their pull up/ underwear and pants up and down by themselves? I'm currently learning that Brandon cannot do that-and I'm thinking maybe that's why he's not that interested because he can't just go by himself.

I know we're having issues because he doesn't even know the feeling-so it's annoying-we have to set a timer (he sets it) and we're dragging him in there to go and I hate it and he hates it and I read that it's not good to force him..but come on he's 3.5 lets get with it!

I'm interested in personal experiences and knowledge that hopefully will help us make it over this hump in our lives right now.

I've heard of a couple movies that people swear by-did any of you guys use a movie for inspiration. I've heard some movie with Elmo and Potty Power.

Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 Perrine Bridge Festival

Brandon and I were out running errands on Saturday and a friend called me up to inform me what it was the 2008 Perrine Bridge Festival and that there were animals to pet and a helicopter and that maybe we should stop by.

So we did stop by and Brandon and I got some 1 on 1 time and it was fun. The festival was too small to be considered a festival in my eyes but we got to see 3 jumpers jump from the bridge all at the same time-and I've never seen that before. Plus we got to see a couple other 1 at a time. There was a 3 day old Calf, a sheep and a bunny rabbit to pet. A little blow up bouncer thing that was free to jump in-yeah that was exciting. And we got to donate $1 to the Boys and Girls club to get a bat painted on our face!

The day was good-I felt like I'd gone back in time to only having 1 child and it was simple and fun to share some time with Brandon!

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera-since it was spur of the moment-but you get to see the bat!

Monday, September 1, 2008


We are very into Transformers these days-and I'm looking forward to Christmas so Brandon can play with Luke & Bryce and I can get a break of playing with the actual toys and playing human transformers..which is the latest attraction.

Brandon however is NOT the only one addicted.

When we go to DI Brandon still LOVES looking for Dinosaurs-but in reality life is all about Transformers-and lately Ninja Turtles--and apparently he wants a Ninja Turtle just like Luke & Bryce..I've put it on his Christmas list-but I've got NO clue what it is!

Oh Brandon's starting to Potty Train he's stayed dry ALL Day and did okay yesterday--let's all shout for joy!