Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lovely October

We had a good time at Grandma and Grand Dad's for Conference. We were able to spend some time with Great Grandma and Great Grand Dad. Alan and Eric helped paint on Saturday, and the boys helped pick up scraped paint off the ground-they thought it was a lot of fun. It was good to see them!

We played Halloween Bingo during the priesthood session..always fun! Marie and Tyler LOVE to play it..and we still have a few edible prizes. Tyler finally picked the funny glasses and has had a really great time with them! The secret decoder wrist watch from Savers is still the all time favorite prize!

Then on October 6th what did we get??? I'm sure you can see-SNOW! Unbelievable, thank heavens it melted by Saturday afternoon and hasn't come back since. However Tyler had soccer on Saturday and even though the snow was gone, it was NIPPY! It was good snowman snow, but I wasn't even excited to get the bins out and all their snow stuff out and on, so I certainly wasn't going to help build. We decided to go to Leo's Place and have some dinner and indoor fun.

This is the bill we got from Honda last week. A few months ago Brandon stuck something in the driver side door keyhole..apparently I wasn't unlocking the van fast enough that day when we were loading up to go somewhere. So he put what I thought was a zip tie in the keyhole. I was a dummy and tried to pull it out, but the keyhole never worked after that. Since our minivan only has 1 keyhole that made me a little nervous, I started not locking the van at night-in case the battery died, how would we get in the van? I called several lock smiths but since it's a fat weird key, there was nothing they could do, I had to go to Honda and pay a whopping $167 for them to fish this out..and 5 hours! I didn't wait for the van, but it was hard figuring out dropping off and picking up with an alternate vehicle being a truck that only holds 3 people.

This is Brandon on the tub..he was telling me all about snorkeling, how long Grandma and Grandpa's snorkel thing was-apparently it's longer than I told him they are. Then he tested snorkeling out in our very own tub, with a tiny straw to breath out of!