Sunday, March 25, 2012


Here are pictures of Katelyn! I'm on Eric's laptop and for some reason it's not letting me move them sorry for the crazy order.Here we are leaving the hospital.
Here's the kids gathered around the carseat when we got home. March 24th dinner time.
Here she is by herself, finally home.
The only good picture I got of any of the kids holding her right when she got home.
This is the first time we saw here, after her bath with her cute bow!
Grandma Myrup holding her at the hospital.

Right after she's born, our little one is finally here!
Here she is right when she's born. 6 lbs 15oz. She had a slightly squished nose, but other than that beautiful! She came out in 1 contraction-a push, the doc telling me to wait another push and that's it-she just popped out!

We're both doing really well. I'm still on my blood thinner, but because I don't have any stitches I'm not bleeding as much as I expected so it hasn't been a problem. Katelyn had to get poked to check jaundas-I don't know how to spell that..anyway she didn't even cry, she's so mellow it's awesome. She's in the low risk area so I don't think we'll have a problem with that.

She's been the way I think all babies should be..very sleepy. I've never had a baby sleep so much-and I'm certainly NOT complaining. Last night I fed her at about 9:30 and midnight and then she slept until 5am. I certainly can't complain about that. And tonight Marie had some major I don't know what but she cried at the top of her lungs for about 10 minutes and Katelyn slept right though that, so that's good news-she's a sound sleeper!

Life is good-but I certainly couldn't take on all 4 with out the help of Linda, I'm so, so grateful! I got to sleep in today, and take a nap!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Katelyn is here! No photo yet-but she was born 12:22pm; 6lbs 15oz; 19 inches long.
And I got to cut the cord..who can say that! We're both doing really great, she's mellow and has hardly cried. She came out in 2 pushes, 1 contraction.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The laundry room is now officially finished! It has been dry walled, screw holes covered, sanded and primed. And now we have a shelving unit for all my food storage, which really isn't much right now. I knew it wasn't much but seeing how much empty space I have on my shelf I really can't say I have much of a food storage..but it's something.

As you walk in-to the left is the washer and dryer. And my vacuum hoses are finally hung after years and years, this is the first time they've been hung..yeah!
Those 2 boxes is are small DI pile I need to take care of sometime...
The rest of the storage shelf and the furnace..Eric was going to build shelves but decided buying is easier, and probably the same cost-but we got good sturdy ones it holds 1000lbs per shelf..VERY sturdy!
Then this is what's under the stairs, not much stuff-however all my baby stuff that was under there is now upstairs..but the room looks so nice and organized it's awesome! I'm so happy to have it done!
What else is going on...hmmm...we have a lot of pet cats and dogs..I think for Christmas a year ago I made Tyler a cat tail and lately that's Marie's favorite thing, to wear it and be a cat or a dog..friendly of course!

Here's a picture of Brandon and Marie snorkeling in the bath tub.. and then a shot of Tyler-just because..he's been really into dress up again-which I LOVE because it keeps him entertained for hours!

I always have the kids kiss my belly about a week before I'm due-so on Sunday we took care of gets crowded with 3 kids on there..but it's tradition!

These days if we get pizza it's usually Little Caesars because I can get a pizza and breaksticks for under $8, compared to $10 for just a pizza elsewhere. But Brandon really liked Mushroom last time we got pizza, it was pepperoni-Caesars but we had fresh mushrooms in the fridge so I cooked him up some and put them on his doesn't take much to get a smile out of him!

So Friday is the big day! However who knows this baby may not come until the next day. I'm so used to going into the hospital ready to deliver contractions 5 minutes apart..but this time is different. I go in 6:30am to start my contractions-I've got a good book, and I hope to get some power naps in as well..we'll see how fast I get this one out! Even though I'll get less sleep-I'm excited to be done with the big belly!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life in Idaho Falls

Well I was thinking that nothing exciting has happened to post about. But I completely forgot about Tyler's black eye (that the kids call blue eye). Every Thursday-well and my friends get together for a play date for our kids. It's fun to get together..and let the kids play with each other and we do a potluck kid dinner, something simple. Thursday Feb 16th Brandon hit Tyler in the eye with a 5lb exercise weight! I didn't see it, but I heard it was an accident and when I saw Tyler literally 30 seconds after it happened he had this HUGE bump that was already blue!

And here is the next morning...
Poor guy had to take his preschool pictures with a black eye..but you can only tell when you look close.

Also as far as news my friends threw me a baby shower, got loads of stuff I need-and a few new clothes..that's always fun! I'm so grateful and it was loads of fun! Here's my diaper cake that my friend Natalie made for me..super cute.
-Plus there were over 60 size 1 diapers in here..totally awesome! And Tyler and Marie helped me unroll nice!

Okay I tried to post a picture from Facebook but it won't do it-it's too if you can go to my facebook page and in photos there are some crazy pictures of me with 13 balloons in my shirt-I won!
-If I don't want my head cut off..I have to do it myself. This is to show the true length-because the first shot it looks shorter than it really is. For once my hair was staying curly-but I just didn't want to deal with long hair that took an hour to dry with this new off it went.
And I thought I'd take a picture of my belly while I was at it. The bruises from my shots aren't that bad anymore..even though I have to continue taking them until my 6 week check up..but at least after Katelyn's born I don't have to sit down, lean forward and pinch a big hunk of belly and angel the needle downward before injecting the medicine.

We've finally been rotating who is in charge of Family Home Evening, usually I just do it all the time, but Brandon was buggin' me for him to be in charge..however he wanted to watch our Nephi and the brass plates movie that's over an hour-which didn't pan out for me..but we worked something else out. Last night was Tyler's turn-he picked what story we read from the Friend and he wanted to make these CTR pretzels from last month's Friend. The kids put on salt like sprinkles but they had a good time!

Here's just some random pictures of the kids...

One day Marie took her baby out and put her in the sled and gave her a ride all over the back yard! She had I thought I'd at least get a picture of her all done-so I could remember.
I know she's almost 3 but I'm really proud that she can hold her hands out and say she's 2! She will ask how old Brandon and Tyler are too, and make those numbers with a little help! And she knows that when Katelyn is 2 she will be 5!-the year this baby turns 2 she will be 5 shortly after. We got into that because I for some reason was trying to explain how when this baby is older she'll want to wear Marie's dress up clothes..not sure why I thought that would be a good idea--but finally I said-when she'll be wearing them you'll be 5..and she thought that was pretty cool!
Here we are being silly!

Marie actually let me put her hair in a bun, like Cinderella! Normally she'll want her hair in a big pony tail or down with a headband-but she'll pick out a flower or bow to put on the headband..thank heavens we're back into bows!