Thursday, December 6, 2012

The best girls ever!

Yesterday Marie was helping me make dinner, anytime I'm in the kitchen she's right's never helpful but fun to spend time together!  At this point we were making breaksticks, so of course the flour was out.  This is NOT the first time she's tasted flour-I know that she's felt that she likes it, but she has NEVER done this before..crazy girl!

I asked her if we should get the camera out to video her and surprisingly she said YES.  A year from now she's not going to believe she chose to do this..just like between 2-3 she NEVER wore pants only skirts or dresses..she's been wearing Jeans for only a couple of months but I can't even remember her dress and skirt only phase.

Also this is a video I really wanted to post last time-proof that I've trained Katelyn to give High Fives!
Please enjoy my crazy girls!! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

In the spirit of Christmas

The other day when we were getting all our Christmas decorations out we found a little Santa hat that Michelle made for all the little boys that were born in '06.  Eric went to see if Katelyn could squeeze into it and she did-and it was just so cute!

 We finally finished celebrating Tyler's birthday last night.  The request was white cupcakes and orange frosting, then the kids decorated them..they had a lot of fun.  I didn't want to cram 6 candles on 1 cupcake so instead it looks like Tyler is turning 51..I think it bugged me more than him.  I can't believe he's already 6!
 Katelyn is such a little person now-she hardly wants to eat baby food anymore, and I'm not's just a matter of giving her enough to eat and what she can eat.
Katelyn gives high fives now, I'd trained her and I'm very proud--she puts her hand up on demand and waits for you to hit cute!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Hopefully this time my videos can load so you know I'm not a total weirdo! I think it's Katelyn crawling army style.  And then Marie sharing spooky stories in the closet!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun!

It has already snowed here this year-but it has left for now and Halloween was actually warm-warm for Idaho Falls that is.

We actually got do do a few things-there was enough leaves blown in our yard to have a pile to play in! 
 This is one of Brandon and Tyler's friends, I enjoy him over-he always asks if he can help out or hold Katelyn-it's so nice!
 We has fun getting buried in the leaves!
 This is Katelyn being crazy in the bouncy chair-she still enjoys it a lot if she sits on it not being buckled, but this day she was really crazy and crawling off.

Halloween was fun this year-people starting trick or treating at 5:30 for some reason I thought 6 was the time we would leave, I took the kids out by myself for a few minutes before Eric got home-but it was a lot of fun, and I was so glad it wasn't windy or cold!  And I got a break from VERY cranky Katelyn that night!

 Good thing you can't see Marie's VERY ugly red tights she picked out to wear underneath!

 Going back in time-one day Marie thought she would attempt to fly the kite..lasted about 3 minutes..but whatever-and she's wearing a skimpy dress up skirt..totally NOT modest!
 No story to this picture-how about that bow..pretty big for Kerry..but I love it!

Last time Eric was out of town he sent me flowers!  I was so shocked it was wonderful!  I told him years ago I'd rather go out to dinner than get flowers that will die in a it's been a long time and it was surely what I needed -he was gone almost 2 weeks.
Well I'm not allowed to move the videos around.  The first video is a movie all about what we do to kill time when it's horrible weather in Idaho Falls..the girls and I were in the boys' closet with the doors closed, with flashlights and Marie was telling us scary stories!  Unfortunately I didn't get any good stories on camera-but it was still fun.  The next video is of Katelyn scooting around..she's getting very fast at it!  Sorry the footage sucks-it's an old camera..maybe someday we'll upgrade.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Life-October inIdaho Falls

 Okay this is a look alike..look how similar Brandon and Katelyn look!
Brandon is a couple weeks older in his picture-but they are similar kids that's for sure!
Brandon already had 2 teeth-Kately just barely broke her first bottom tooth a couple days ago.
 I can't remember if I blogged this picture or not-I didn't even have to put Katelyn's hands there she did it on her own!

And this is why I wanted to blog today...silly Katelyn!  She learned fast that this was a fun game-keeping the spoon with her tooth!  The spoon is rubber-so it really gets stuck on her tooth until she lets it go!  She didn't smile as much with the camera going-but it was so much fun feeding her lunch today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life in Idaho Falls is good-however the weather is already getting nippy and I'm NOT excited about that..nippy and windy-two horrible things.

This post is just a couple cute shots that I've taken in the past couple of days and a video showing how Katelyn can sit because some of you have never even met her.

She still falls over, especially if Marie is by  her because she always does something but for the most part Katelyn doesn't mind.  Which is nice.

I think today I win the coolest Mom award-from Tyler anyway because I got him a new sweatshirt (from Craigslist) and it's going to double as his Halloween costume, thank goodness we don't have to think of anything else.  But it is pretty cool.  And I'll have my friend do some vinyl bones for his legs.
And also why I'm the best Mom is because for a couple of weeks I've promised that tonight we're doing  movie night.  And we're having pizza for dinner and Tyler asked if he could have a rice crispy treat and I said yeah I'm totally awesome!  My hope is that kids sleep in tomorrow!!  There's no school Thursday or Friday-so this weekend is going to be LONG.

-Tyler has lost is 2 bottom teeth-a record for me in case I don't remember to write it down.

These are just cute Katelyn and Dad.

Last weekend there was a benefit garage sale and raffle for our neighbor's friends' that lost a 17 year old boy in a car accident.  And Marie bought this super cute cow cupcake!!  And we totally scored in the raffle we got 2 free date nights in gift certificates!!!  Totally awesome!
 I finally got all 4 kids together!!  It's been a few months since I've remembered to do that!

 Marie ALWAYS wants Katelyn to hold her hand and Katelyn just has a thing with her hands she HATES when they are touched or cleaned!!  So of course that always ends up in crying!

Last Saturday I signed Marie up for a dance clinic from 9-2 including lunch and they had a little rehearsal at the end..she got all dressed up..but didn't want to stay alone and I had to get Tyler to soccer practice and pictures--so oh well she had fun watching for an hour and got a T-shirt..I hope she'll stay in real dance class!  She enjoyed getting all ready though!
 Katelyn is helping me weed!  She enjoyed removing all the dirt from my weeds and kept herself entertained-and that's what matters most!

Monday, September 17, 2012

There really are 4 kids!


The reason I wanted to post today was because of this picture!  Yesterday I was helping Tyler get out of the shower and such and I asked Marie if she'd give Katelyn a Cheerio..when I get back to the kitchen-yes she's happy but this is what I see!  All OVER the tray, Katelyn's seat, and the floor-that's what I get when a 3 year old is on duty!

Don't be fooled this is really Katelyn I'm just using Brandon's old towel.
 She really has taken off with food-she loves it!
 This was picture day-I can't believe it's the 3rd week of school and we had 2 days notice!  We totally forgot to buzz the boys' hair before Eric went out of town so we just had to style they're super LONG hair.  Tyler's looks weird straight spiked so he gave it a part..and this is the FIRST day Brandon has EVER worn jeans to school!!  He says they're not very comfortable and probably won't wear them again..maybe picture day again.

 He kind of looks like the statue of liberty...
 Marie LOVES the sandbox-unfortunately me and Katelyn are there to dig with her a lot of the time-but at least it's mostly in the shade!
 I got that toy for $0.19 at the Calvary Church Thrift store-score!  Less than a quarter-I'm in heaven!

See here is proof that I really do have four children!!  And we're all happy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of summer

I can't believe it's already the end of the summer-and I have No photos to prove our adventures or boredom.  I'm such a slacker when it comes to pictures.  This summer I actually got a phone with a decent camera and I still don't take pictures-I know I'm lame.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to Logan Utah and we had such a fabulous fun time!  No pictures though-but it was great spending time with family there.

Here's some pictures for you all that live far away and don't get to see us much...And I do have 3 more kids-I guess I didn't take as many pictures of them in August as Katelyn.
 I know she looks pretty much like Brandon-but she's a girl--she really is!
 Oh her hands are folded, cute!

 She really likes the swing!  And it was on sale! $10!!!!
 I think she's going to be a gymnast!  And she's my FIRST baby that actually plays with her toes!!

 I still don't straighten my hair much-but this was a cute picture!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well it's been over a month since I posted anything-and a lot has happened.  My parents came to visit for a while and I put my Dad to work like crazy-in our unusually HOT weather of 90*s..he claims he likes to be kept busy-and I certainly Don't mind!  Thanks for all your hard work Dad.  And Mom did a few jobs as well, but mostly helped me with the kids-figured out dinner and spent some good quality time with me!  I'm so glad their back from their mission and not too far away!

Katelyn doesn't want to be held all day, but certainly yearns for constant attention!  Usually there's a kid or 2 that want to hold or talk to her, which is nice-but after school starts, she's going to have to adjust!  She's getting chubby and she's already quite the chatter box.  She's not an excellent napper in the day-but at night she sleeps through and for that I'm okay with lack of daytime sleep.

 The kids loving Katelyn!
 Brandon reading his book on the tramp!

 Marie's new look-Braids!
 Katelyn helping me do laundry-eating Marie's underwear-its clean.
 Thursday night I took the kids to the local baseball teams game.  The all had the mascot sign their hand.  We even got to run the bases after the game.  We won 5-0.  I was scared to take the kids alone because Eric was out of town-but I sucked it up and it was fun.  Oh and we had free tickets from the summer library reading program-of course I brought food and the first 5 minutes Tyler and Marie wanted it..but it was still fun and Katelyn was a pretty good girl!
 I barely have any pictures of Katelyn smiling, I was trying to tickle with one hand and take the picture with the other and I still missed it!
I thought she looked so cute on the couch!

 Today I actually got a good picture of her in the tub!
We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and this is how much Brandon enjoyed his cotton candy!  $4 cotton candy..holy cow!