Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brandon's birthday

I'm a slacker, a while ago Brandon had his 7th birthday, really not that exciting-Grandma and Grandad Myrup gave him some awesome presents, I got him nothing exciting, but he's coped with his lame birthday this year.  I think it helped that Easter was on his birthday so there was lots going on.  Because of the book Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party Brandon was inspired to ask for Pumpkin Pie for his birthday this year, and that was a LOT easier than making a creative cake!  He's already looking forward to his birthday next year, when Grandma is going to get him a scout shirt and he can get baptized!

Other pictures of life here at the Myrup house
1 Month old!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

more pictures

Well Katelyn is almost 4 weeks old, and I've only posted a couple pictures-thought I better let you know more about what she looks like now.

She's a good baby-sleeps a lot during the day which is nice, likes the car with is wonderful! Her biggest chunk of sleep is about 8:30pm-1 or 2am..which is awesome but sometimes I don't go to bed until 11pm which doesn't make the chunk very big for me..but that's my own fault. Since birth she's had a stuffy nose-well pretty much since birth, I'm certain Marie gave it to her, and I can't wait until I don't have to suck her nose out at each feeding at night!

Marie is Mrs. Mom and very much too helpful-and squeezes too hard sometimes..but I know she loves her very much.

Okay here's some pictures.

-Very first outfit-2 days old!

-Sneaking out of her pajamas!

-She has her ankles crossed like this a lot!

All right-well I'm feeding Katelyn right now and she finally got her poop out, and it's a blow out everywhere--got to run!

Oh and this is Marie dancing, something she's VERY into right now!