Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's been a while...

I realize it's been a long time since I've written-we've done a few fun things this summer, but I probably didn't bring the camera-phones are so much better these days, but then I have to remember to get the pictures off of Eric's phone which I never remember to do-but I'm sure I can find some good pictures of us doing crazy silly daily stuff.

The kids did 2 sessions of swim lessons this summer, and Brandon and Tyler are jumping off the diving board and loving summer life!  We went to the pool a couple times, and that has been wonderful-and we went to Rigby lake as well, first for me-keeping 4 kids happy and know where they are in a big lake, but it was good.

Currently the boys are both in Flag Football, on separate teams-I believe they are both really enjoying it.  However I know I don't have any pictures of this..but that's just an update.

The girls mostly play well together-Marie takes Katelyn on walks and helps her get things, but often helps too much and wants to pick her up all the time and Katelyn cries-but this is part of life, part of growing up!  She's finally getting a big of hair-which is nice and can be fun at times!

Brandon has been asked to sing a duet in the primary program, the second verse of I am a Child of God..I know he'll do great if he takes time to practice!

Tyler is having sort of a hard time adjusting to the new school. I think he feels left out and without friends, I'm not sure how to help him with that-but he's in my prayers.  I hope he can work something out in the next few months.  The boys have been riding their bikes to school, which I like-but they aren't riding together and it is causing contention between the boys..I guess my little play mates are slowly growing apart. :(

Marie is doing really great in Preschool, she's counting all the time-she could count before but she didn't want to do it a lot and such, so she's practicing with enthusiasm and it's really good.  I'm enjoying my time doing errands with 1 child-it's so wonderful!  Katelyn doesn't really like riding in the car alone..but hopefully she'll get used to it!

Some pictures so you can remember what my kids look like-I'm only in July but I've already spent an hour saving them to the computer-got to run for now!

 here's the boys swimming this summer at the splash park

 -Having fun with water balloons-
 Got Brandon's scary zombie costume out and everybody wanted to wear the mask-even Katelyn but I missed the good picture-
 I got a picture of Katelyn holding a sparkler!!  Yeah!
 -We LOVE olives at out house-Katelyn too!-

 -This is a drain thing Eric put in to help the water drain away from the house-Katelyn Love to play with it, watch the water when it rains and just play with it other days..she's fascinated!

 -This is a really shiny blue bug me and Marie found-so we had to take a picture!
 -Tyler actually smiling!-
 -This is Tyler the Lion!-
 -The kids and a good neighbor friend-they all squished in the recycling bin!-
 -Is it really snowing in Idaho Falls in the summer????  No just Styrofoam-yeah that was a pain to get out of her hair and off her was fun for a few minutes..