Sunday, March 29, 2009


So last week things were going pretty SLOW around here..Brandon had a cough but during the night it was much worse-he felt like he had a fever and was way out of it and couldn't sleep through the night-so as you can assume we didn't go too many places, then later in the week we had Air Conditioning guys here all of even though I had NO clue what was going on and couldn't help with anything I felt like I couldn't leave the it was another LONG BORING day.

One of Brandon's new things to do (he got off Dora) is to say a little nursery rhyme or song the wrong way-and ask somebody if it's right and then sing it the correct way. So we did that for a few minutes but the songs he knows aren't too many-that are short like then I decided to name animals and have the boys make the animal sounds--it was fun because they don't do them the same way-Tyler snorts for a pig and Brandon says oink so there were differences between them. Then I said "What does a Bumblebee say": Brandon says: "Bzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzz, Bzzzzz" Tyler says: "ch-ch-ch-ch a car, ch-ch-ch-ch a guy!" It was so funny! I tried to tell him there was an insect a Bee but he'd have NOTHING to do with it-and we all laughed. However when I told Eric about it and since then I've asked Tyler what Bumblebee says and he won't do it..too bad-but it was still really funny.

So I mentioned that Air Conditioner guys were here all day Thursday--yes you heard right we got AC put into our house..I feel really good because our furnace was ancient and was scared about carbon monoxide..because of all the rust in it (we got a new one of those as well). Having the AC will keep the house cool even after the boys go to bed-because we've decided to put them upstairs--and that's where the swamp cooler would be. Hopefully we won't have nightmares of monsters in the room because of the noisiness of not having a window but having a board cover the window in the vacant spot. And I'm excited just because-it's a new thing and another upgrade in our house.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just can't believe I'm 31 weeks! When I tell myself I have 9 more weeks-it seems like a long time, but when I say 31 weeks..I mean it's in the 30's I feel like the baby is almost here!

I feel like I have things under control-I've asked friends to watch the boys during delivery, I know the sex of the baby, it's all just very exciting.

Tyler's going to have to seriously grow up in the next couple of months..can we say Tantrum??? Holy cow--everything is a scream or a pout or a cry it's INSANE..and soon I won't be right there for everything!

Man I'm craving those Cadbury Mini Eggs, but I don't want to buy them too far in advance before Easter comes..or I'll have to buy 2 bags!...I know totally random comment--but this is just a Kerry Gab post today!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brandon's Dream

Apparently I wasn't in the back yard and there were bad people and Shredder trying to get him. He had a green button on his belly-like the green button on the xbox controller and Jimmany Cricket was there too and he had a read button on his back. The bad people were trying to get him into a box, and he was yelling my name but I wasn't there..then he found me in the front yard and he ran inside..but the bad people could smell that he was inside..the mean people were coming inside and Shredder almost got him- the big worm knocked him out and Shredder got him in the water. Then he got out of the water and was in a space ship and Shredder was looking at him in the space ship.

Just thought I'd share this interesting on-going dream-he keeps talking about. Now he's telling me something about how he's the Power Ranger with to love Brandon's imagination!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm so proud

Hey I just wanted to show you my chair cover that I made, I'm just so proud of myself! It looks better than I hoped for. We bought a new table and chairs but the table doesn't fit in our current space-that's why we got the table from DI but we've put 3 of the chairs up and they are nice and they have sort of a suade seat and it's just not good for the kids. I bought a cheap vynal table cover and cut it and put on the seat of the chair-but it kept sliding off and the ties were breaking off and it just wasn't working out. So I went to the store and got thick vynal for only $3 a yard I thought that was a smokin' deal..and I just had to take a picture I was so proud of myself!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Upon Request

Okay-so I got a request to see the $8 here it is! You can see it's not in super wonderful shape-but it was dirt cheap! And we have a table cloth over it at all times anyway.

-So when you're looking at it just hangin' out you don't see the drawers..but when Eric loaded it in the truck one came out..that's how we found out--but we already purchased it-and we needed one really bad!

Also I saw this picture on my camera-they boys want to put the swords in the backs, just like the Turtles, this day they each had a ball in their back and a weapon and they called themselves "Super Turtles"...Too CUTE!

Monday, March 16, 2009


We finally bought a new table! It's was $8 and DI and apparently it's a poker table, don't tell anybody we didn't know until after we purchased it and certainly our kids will never know! Officially we have enough room for elbows and I'm not scared drinks are going to spill at every I can leave the BofM on the table and my current reading and not have to move it every time somebody comes to sit down--can you tell I'm VERY excited about it! It's just wonderful!

It's official I'm going to take 3 children on my own to Michigan in July-yep little Marie will only be about 6 weeks old..I'm excited and scared at the same time!

Tyler has this crazy smiley face bruise on his back and I'm trying to get a picture of it-I don't know how it happened but I love it..just had to share.

Well we're having a cranky day-they're making me cranky and I've got to go--it's not the best time right now I guess...

Friday, March 13, 2009

I've learned

Well there's a couple things that I've learned this week. First off NEVER run out of bubbles, holy cow these cold days we've been going through them like CRAZY! I'm so, so glad that our bubble maker still makes tons of bubbles with the cheap bubbles. We ran out for 2 days and the boys really missed them..and they wanted me to get out the big wand-it's something I have to participate in, and it doesn't work with the cheap bubbles-so I don't want to dump those bubbles in the machine. I guess I've taken for granted how much I LOVE the bubble maker!

Eric informed me yesterday that he may not be able to go down to Utah with us over Conference Weekend, it's the week that he's he can't be out of town. He's going to see if anybody will swap with him--we'll have to wait and see. Me and the boys will still be down-I told Eric-aww man we're going to celebrate Brandon's birthday!

Hopefully Eric and I will get out on a date next weekend-it's been 7 years since he proposed (Monday) does time fly!

Oh I'm pretty sure we're going to move the boys upstairs and see how that goes. I know my poll is still open-but Brandon has informed me that he's going to move upstairs before the baby gets we'll see how it goes--but won't do it for a little bit longer.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tile, Creativity, Silliness and more...

The tile looks beautiful! Eric did a wonderful job with the Kitchen-man can I tell you it's awesome to use your stove and oven! To have access to your dishwasher, cupboards and dishes. I can scarcely believe how UGLY our floor used to be, and it's only been a week!

The boys have had loads of fun with bubbles this week. Brandon likes to dance and play the guitar and drums while standing among the bubbles..he has to 'show' me his dances--silly boy. Brandon's also obsessed with Power Rangers-anything-toys, movie, computer. All the boys were enjoying some Power Rangers on the computer-while Mom read her book!

Tyler's been wanting to dress up as Spiderman more and more. In fact the day Eric glued the tiles down-I think I made 3 trips to Home Depot with Spiderman because I wasn't going to argue with him about taking it off, it just wasn't worth it! He wears these big blue cups on his arms as's a fairly cleaver idea actually-and they look like the big guns on the Transformers. He gives me a cup and we go around and shoot all the bad guys..have to give him some credit for creativity!

Nana sent the boys some goggles and they have been having a super time with them. Especially in the bathtub. Hopefully I'll actually get Brandon into swim lessons, I know he'll love it-it's just something I don't think about doing-and don't feel like inquiring about over the phone, or dragging the boys's me being a lazy Mom-I know...

Monday, March 2, 2009


I got another ultrasound today-I asked a favor...and we discovered it's a Girl!!! Yeah I'm so excited-now I can buy way cute things-and get cute things, and enjoy the opportunity to have a girl! We may have 2 boys and 2 girls after all--and Brandon & Tyler can look after her like big brothers should!

On a not so exciting note-Eric's tiling our kitchen floor. Boy is it crazy not going into the kitchen-the fridge has been in the living room since's awesome because the kitchen looks wonderful! But sort of stressful too..I'll be very happy when it's done! My wonderful Visiting Teacher brought me a delicious dinner tonight-thank heavens we don't have to get another happy meal tonight!