Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe there were some things

Okay so today I did get my camera card out-and there are some things worth blogging.

Since my computer has been modified-I'm not able to view my videos before hand. So I'm not going to post a video but wanted to let you all know that Brandon is being so creative I guess-he wants to fly is new kite SOOO bad that the past couple days he's been doing it with NO wind. He just puts the string out about 5 feet and runs back and forth on the sidewalk, and he has a lot of fun too--it's so cute to watch!

It's been a tease of warmness here-last week there really were a couple of NICE days. The temperature now is probably in the high 40's to low 50's but the boys still want to be outside all the time..which is nice. But Marie likes to be with them too-and that's hard to be a lazy Mom then..but I do go out with Marie sometimes. Brandon wants to go on picnics a lot, he gathers a few items to eat and heads out there with a blanket-Tyler follows and Marie if I let her. So that's been kind of fun.

One day the boys were outside and me and Marie were inside-I'm doing laundry and such. When I look out-to check on them I see 4 police cars right in front of my house! The good news was the police weren't in my yard or in my house..I didn't know where they were--so that was sort of good. They went to a house around the corner-so I guess it was a sneek thing-they wanted to park away from where they were going..but still it was a shock when I went to check on the boys and there were that many cars!

There's 2 cars-then my driveway then 2 cars..crazy!
So 1 day-this girl that lives on our street brought a popcicle to our neighbor but not to anybody else. Brandon was hurt by that and he wanted a popcicle. We didn't have any but we made a shake a few days before and froze it-so I stuck a stick in that and made my own popcicle-and Brandon said it was the coolest popcicle in the WORLD! That cheered him up..and it was a good quick fix. LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well this is a boring post-because there's no pics..mostly because I'm lazy- and I can't really think of taking pictures the last few days.

Brandon and Tyler both love the dentist-they have a tv on the celing and they get a prize-that's all that needs to be said. Tyler had NO cavities!! yeah. Brandon had 1 little one-they gave him some laughing gas and they just drilled away and he didn't care-so we were glad that we didn't have to get shots!

As soon as I've bucked down and decided I'm under NO cercomstace feeding Marie at night-we're having some waking up issues and I've been know what I'm going to say-as soon as I decide to do the hard stuff..yep more teeth! Good grief. I didn't know it until this morning and I had her cry it out last night-she survived and still loves me today-so I think we're okay.

Eric is officially the Elders Quorum Secratary-the calling we wanted the most right now..we had to meet with the Stake of course and all sorts of callings were going through our head like Executive Secratary-again..and I just wasn't prepared for that-but would have done it if asked of him..but we're very glad!

My parents got their mission call to Sydney Australia! The will leave in's sad to think about-but I'm happy for them.

We found out that our computer is so old it can't handle Windows 7 operating system..and we've had some computer issues..but yesterday the kids didn't get to play on the computer and we just had a BLAST together-we need to do that more often! I'm not sure what Eric got back on this computer-but it's working and that's wonderful!

Well the kids all came down-so I best be going. Hope you all are well!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is the video I couldn't post the other day of Marie in the bath-and her sticking her tongue out!

-a couple times on the video for instance when I say "there it is" I think I totally sound like my sister Lisa! Crazy..because I don't think we really sound that much alike.
--Make sure you check out the post below..that was my real post update-I remembered after wards that I wanted to upload this video.

Indoor Fun

Well the past couple weeks we did some lame stuff to keep us busy. First up, Brandon's been bugging me to get the bubbles out. I'm not sure where they are-I think they're frozen in the garage someplace. So I knew where the wands were, so we got those out and they had fun as always--this time they did some for Marie!

Many days Brandon just wants to cook something. He tells me what's on his mind, or gets a few items out on the counter..usually fruit and Milk--so I whipped up a shake and it actually tasted GOOD. Usually they're okay, you know the kids like them but they're not so great. But it was good and there was half an apple including the skin in it! Brandon thought it needed another apple--so it was totally his idea to put the apply on the rim! I thought it was clever and we drizzled a little bit of honey on the top for looks too.

Apparently the other day I was chatting with a friend for a few minutes, at her house and I guess Brandon was making a dinosaur robot thing out of paper..and he was sad that he couldn't finish--I didn't even know he was having such fun until he kept asking me to go we made one the other day-it took LOTS of tape because he had to tape all this extra stuff on like shields, a mega gun, super long nails, a hat and a tale-that stood up when the paper was flat on the table..after ALL this work we took pics and he just threw it away! Maybe he wasn't happy--I'd have to say I got a bit tired of all the tape I thought he was wasting-then I really wasn't happy when he threw it out, but whatever--it lasted a while and it was fun I guess.

So the thing in the middle is the tail-it's so straight up you can't even really see it.

Marie giggles when you hold her hands and she sort of walks..we tried to get that on video--but she's smart, she knows what the Camera is! So sorry you don't get to see it.

Last Monday is was WONDERFUL here-we went around a block a couple of times on various modes of transportation, then found sticks for our campfire, played frisbee it was really awesome-but the rest of the week got colder and colder..and last night it snowed and was still on the ground in the morning. The snow is gone now-but it's just annoying we're SOOO ready for it to be warm!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing much

I can't say too much has been happening. But since it's been a while I thought I better put some pics or video or something on here. Eric has been really busy-not as bad as the last week of February but still not home during dinner on week nights..that is really hard for me. Dinner is sort of a blah-Marie's cranky, I'm lucky if I eat anything and we're happy if we all sit at the same's pathetic. I guess I need to just get used to Eric being gone-but it's just so hard for me.

I've been called as the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. So that's sort of exciting-I've never had a primary calling before-not really excited about teaching sharing time, but I'm sure it'll be no problem in no time! I have a bunch of kids' names I've got to get to know! Eric doesn't have 1 yet but the Elders Quorum presidency will be released soon and he's wondering about that..but only time will tell.

Marie is standing up on everything, she's got enough hair that I can put it in a little pony-or up with a it's more and more fun. Sunday it totally sounded like she said Brandon's name-probably not but it's cool to hear anyway! And she can get around-I really need to put the gate up for the stairs, there's been a couple close calls..but there's 1 step down then around the corner are the real stairs--so that's why I've been so lazy because I think she's cry after #1.

This pic I took-and meant to cut me off-I wanted you to see the cute bow pony type thing.

This one's not so hot of me--but I'm rarely in them, Brandon took it, and since I'm not in too many pics-I thought I'd put it in.

When you have a girl in the middle of boy toys-this is what happens!

-I had a movie to put on-how Marie can stick out her tongue on demand..but it won't load.--it's super cute though..maybe another time!

Tyler's no closer to potty training, he was doing pretty good in February-but we're back to diapers now. Honestly with Marie and her attitude I'm not too into the idea anyway..diapers are easier until they're a pro at we'll see this summer.

-This is Tyler being creative-the ribbon around his head was him trying to be a TMNT!

Brandon is looking forward to his birthday big time! Whenever he sees a commercial on tv for a game or toy he wants it! And he wants an Alien cake..I think I'll just copy yours Jessica Myrup! That's the only one he's seen-so I'm guessing that's what he's expecting!

Brandon's pics are usually with Marie-sort of sad, but that means he really LOVES being a big brother!