Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since I'm on a blogging marathon tonight, I might as well post about us going to the circus today! Eric's in Mexico-so I thought I'd do it on my own and it really wasn't bad. It was a lot of fun-I didn't put them to bed on time and I got a little cranky-but the circus part was fun..but a fortune!

I guess this circus comes to IF each year, it's to support Shriners Hospital for Children. The clowns made balloons in whatever you wanted, we got a butterfly, dog and sword. I think all by the sword have popped but it was fun.

Brandon got to ride on an elephant! It was a whapping $10 but I thought it was a once in a lifetime thing, so I forked it out. Tyler and Marie went on pony rides which were $6 not much better. But we had a great time! The kids were so good-it was a lot of fun!

-This is when we first saw the elephant and I decided children wouldn't fall off.
Brandon's not on this ride-it's just a close up of the elephant.
There he is!

These next pictures are from my fabulous photographer Brandon..the pony ride, the never stopped it, when it was Marie's turn they said I had to be by her, which is fine but the ponies kept going-so what can you do?
-Marie LOVED it, but could only afford 1 ride...

-Tyler holding his dog balloon
-Marie with her butterfly
-Brandon's holding a sword, but I guess I cut it out of the pic...oops!

-The boys thought this guy was cool...
-This was Tyler's favorite clown-(of course, looks like a cowboy) Sagebrush Sam!

-This is Marie's tongue, either from a jolly rancher or cotton candy-but it was so red and cute!

Of course by the end Tyler and Marie's balloons had popped so we went back to the clowns to get more..they were free except donation-so the cheapest thing there!

-Here we are ready to head home!
-Okay make sure you read all the posts I did today and you can find me in another few months....

Marie is 2!


May 28th Marie turned 2..and I'm such a slacker I failed to write anything about it. Of course she can't voice her own opinion, so I did a slacker cake-but it looks girly.

Of course out of all the presents she got, all she wants to do is wear the sunglasses Grandma Myrup got her, play with the red phone Grandma Myrup gave her and cook food in the microwave-guess who got that for her--you're right. Looks like Grandma knows what a girl wants! She plays with other things, but those are her favorites!

Here's some pictures of her special day. I know I never posted more pics from Brandon's birthday-but I'm too late now..so oh well.

This is just random Myrup fun-
-scroll down-there's pics of the house and more..


I'm sure some of you are dying to see our new house. I know I took pics and videos of it, but can't find them-so I took a few just now. So you don't get a pic of the front of the house-sorry. But we love it here! The street has SOOO many kids out playing during the day, it's crazy. It's really great, and to think they'll just be growing up together-they'll always be friends, is just such a great thought.

Going on the tour:

This is the front room, and you're coming in the front door. I personally DON'T like the couch like this, I feel like it's not very welcoming when people come-they have to go around the couch then sit down, but we're "trying it out" And the ugly tv stand is really my sewing table filling in for now. Oh yeah, the couch on the right is part of the "set" I bought for my new living room-however the couch that we had before the one on the left doesn't fit down our stair well, so I don't get my couch set I wanted after all..oh well.

The front room is to the left of the picture-to the right is the entrance from the garage. This is the dining/kitchen area. I can get to the backyard from a sliding door-which is awesome! The kitchen isn't huge, but there's a flat top stove--yeah!, a cupboard for my cookie sheets and a corner pantry that's big enough for me to put ALL my food, what used to be in my basement before (because right now there aren't any shelves in the garage or basement for my food)

Here's the awesome swing set-just like public playgrounds, it's the bomb!..really nice I can even swing when I want-it's not going anywhere!

The kids are sleeping so you don't get to see their rooms-wait I found a pic of Marie's (just have to look in the June folder-dah!)

but one room was already blue and the other was pink, so we left that-and put the boys in the tinier room..and bunked their beds. Their room is pretty small, but the toys are all downstairs so it works out fine.

This is the hall bath, we did NOT pick the paint, we haven't done any paint, in fact the old owner's filled in their holes in the walls and we haven't even done paint touch ups yet..whatever-we're lazy.

Brandon HATES this bathroom, it's too girly with the flower shower curtain (that was nicely left for us) so he always goes downstairs..whatever.

This is the master, it's a good size. On either side of the bed there are reading light sconces. However the old owners had a queen bed not full..so we have to reach a little to turn off the lights-but it's one of the things we liked about the house.

There's a master bathroom (according to House Hunters it's not very MASTER but compared to 1 bathroom in the whole house-we're happy)too, so that's nice-we get our own non-peed on toilet!

When you go down the stairs and turn left, this is half of the family room. I personally believe when we have a house full of teenagers this will be a room..but we'll see what happens.

This is the other half of the downstairs family room. Just our office right now..and it's a big open space to play freeze tag and such.

This is the downstairs bedroom, it's our playroom and I hope to be the guest room if I can convince Eric a guest bed is a necessity.
Downstairs there is also a bathroom I didn't take a pic of and the laundry room.

Hope you enjoyed a taste of our home.
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Busy, busy

Here they are...growing up...

I feel like warm weather is FINALLY here..this week anyway.
I'll post some pics so some of you can see how much we've grown and then hopefully I'll do a few more posts tonight...

Just before the end of school we went to FAME night at Brandon's school. There was a promised magician that wasn't there and face painting was advertised as free..which wasn't but we bought it and the painter was a perfectionist! But they were good pictures!

-I think I stood in line for these face paintings the entire time..but oh well they loved them.
We're having a little bit of fun in our nice shade trees we don't have anymore, now that we've moved.

Look how long Marie's hair has grown, when it's wet it's half way down her back-just crazy!

-and DON'T TOUCH her bows!

This is Brandon being a silly goose!

We put Brandon in Track and Field club this year, he loves the meets..the practices he doesn't-but that's a part of life..he got silver metal in his age group which is 4-8 year old kids.

-there's his medal. He hopes to get a gold medal before the season is through. He got ribbons in long jump and high jump. Go Brandon.