Monday, December 14, 2009

Indoor FUN!

Okay well I've been wanting to post this for quite some time I think we did this the beginning of December. We were thinking of new activities we could do as a group (Me, Brandon & Tyler). Brandon said we could do hopscotch and he really wanted to do it outside..but I didn't even want to be out there long enough to draw the thing with chalk. So I got my roll of newspaper and made one inside..we had a lot of fun but-it ripped easily..oh well.

Okay I'm not sure how these videos are going to look..I loaded them first because it takes a while-so this is Marie eating. I think it's WAY cute that she opens up and sticks her tongue out when she's ready..she's a good eater!

On to other updates:
-Eric finally feels better! Thank heavens, he did go to the doctor on Friday and got an antibiotic..not sure if that did it or just time, but who cares he's him again!
-Brandon got his stitches out, everything looks good--however Eric has giving him his pink we're dealing with that now.
-Tyler isn't very excited about the potty!
-Marie is down to crying about 45 minutes at night and 30 minutes during the day for naps! Yeah! Hopefully I don't spoil her too much at Christmas..I don't want to do this all over again. The first night of over 2 hours was just over whelming!
-I'm in desperate need of a hair cut, but will get one before Christmas. I successfully found a youth babysitter for the boys and an adult babysitter for Marie so Eric and I can get out this week! I'm very excited about that..I just didn't know if Marie would cry the whole time so I thought if I split them up it would be better. But this is a hard job when you live in a new town and you don't know ANYBODY.

Here's a pic of the stitches.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ready For Hurdles!

When Eric saw that Marie was sitting like this he made the comment that she was ready for hurdles! So I thought I'd share it with everyone. She sits like this to reach further without falling down-I think..but who knows maybe hurdles are in her future.

I just wanted to share my obsession!

Yep! This is it. Almost every single day I want a baked red potato-that of course I cook in the microwave. Cheese a bit of sour cream and TONS of broccoli!! I can eat a regular like 14oz. pkg of broccoli in like 4's insane! SOOO good and only about 5 minutes to make it. I'm not sure what the deal is, it's just tasting really really good to me!

One other thing that really bugs me...

This is NOT what your dishes are supposed to look like when they come out of the dishwasher. I thought at first that we needed some Jet-Dry..I bought it-put it in but either it's full or something is wrong with the thing because it was over flowing and wouldn't let me put any in. So does anybody know what to do? It's just gross..we are renting but we already have had a problem since we moved in and I just don't want to be the annoying dumb renters where everything must be perfect or something-I'd just rather figure it out than contact them..but I don't know what to do.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What a Sunday!

Okay-Eric's been in and out feeling good and horrible for about 2.5 weeks. Which is VERY unusual because normally the rest of us gets colds and stuff and he gets NOTHING. Plus he's starting a new job--this has been just lovely.

So yesterday I knew Eric wasn't feeling good-I'm okay-I got myself fired up to go to church alone with 3 kids. We're all ready to go-it's about 10 minutes until we need to get in the car and I decide to go move the truck out of the driveway- (we've got a single width drive)...right when I go to open the door Brandon starts wailing..Eric says I'll take care of it-go ahead. When I get back in Eric is holding Brandon, his hand over his forehead and there is blood dripping! I guess Brandon shut himself in their room and was keeping Tyler out-who knows, maybe Tyler hurt him-we're not sure..but Brandon wouldn't come upstairs so Eric goes down-opens the door and the doorknob whacks him in face-just above the eyebrow and gives him this huge gash! Instead of church me and Brandon go find an insta care place-and get some stitches.

Brandon had to get 3 stitches..he was super brave he kept his eyes open the whole time, basically saw everything..he got a shot and anyway he did a great job!

When we get back-Tyler's taking a nap, something he hasn't done for a very, very long time..and Marie is crying. Eric is asking me what we can use to clean the carpet-Marie had a total BLOW OUT! So Eric had a great time while we were away.

I hurry and change and get Marie dressed again and we rush off to Sacrament Meeting-because in our ward it's last (normally I'm crabby about this, but worked out this time) Of course it was the week we're welcomed into the ward-at least half of us were there!

So that was our wonderful Sunday. Oh yeah and technically we have insurance but of course we haven't received our cards yet..the place was nice-and said I could bring it in when I had it--but just scary..I mean I don't want to have to pay more than the co-pay!

Sorry no pics of the cut-too much going on for that..and Brandon doesn't want to take his band-aid off to even look at the stitches today-so maybe later we'll see..if there's anything to see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We do still exhist!

Our new house!

So I know it's been FOREVER since you've heard from me. A couple people have emailed me directly and even writing a tiny note back has seem like a big ordeal. So no promises to do really good keeping up..I'll put in some effort...

I finally have some pics of our house.

This is the open kitchen dining area-not spic and span but for that you'd never get a picture! The kitchen isn't huge but it feels big because it's so open. Our dining table that's been in our basement in it's box for over a year is finally being used!! Yeah!! There is TONS of cupboard space which is wonderful-even behind the chairs on this side of the table there are drawers and cupboards.

This is the living room that's upstairs. Downstairs there's only 2 not very comfortable chairs to sit on-so I spend as much time upstairs and I can.

As for other things-Tyler had a wonderful birthday-didn't get too many awesome pics-he's always looking down but it was fun and he got those sugar letters on his cake and that was all he needed really--well all he needed was to eat the extra's out of the package!

Thanksgiving was really wonderful. We had the opportunity to head down to Utah for the entire weekend and that was just awesome. It was hard to leave, but we're already looking forward to going down for Christmas!

The boys look forward to the finding the numbers on the chocolate advent calendar-countdown for Christmas. They never forget and so far remember what number they need to find for each day.

Marie hasn't slept through the night since way back-and she got sick, before Eric was out of town. It's depressing-since I bet Grayson already sleeps through the night-just because Jessica's kids are good and they sleep like that early! We've tried baby food a couple of times-but I only get an open mouth about 2 times and that's it. She can already eat cheerios and I think I'm just going to start grinding our food and giving it to her-maybe that will work better! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

Well all I can hardly think about these days is seeing family for Christmas, getting the boys an alarm clock so they stay in their room until at least 6am, and getting my hair cut. So those are the thoughts of a mother of three who just moved!

Here are some random pics from the past little while--no good ones of Marie..better get going on those!

I thought this was so silly-I can't believe these even stay on him!

Tyler being blackout..these are replacement slats to blinds that I kept in our house-but he thought this was so fun, they are taped to his head. It hurt each time we took them off-but kept wanting it again and again!

This is a crown that Marie's friend Jasmine made for her! She looks so cute in it!

Another dress up outfit-this is what Tyler lives for, to dress up!