Friday, September 12, 2014

Myrup Life

Well when I logged on I was sort of happy to see that it's only been 5 months since I've written I was thinking it had to have been much, much longer.

It really only leaves summer and school starting left out..and even though I feel like our summer was fun I feel like we really didn't do anything.  We didn't even go to the lake, and I think we went swimming once.

My parents visited and my Dad built these amazing garden beds and lot of berry bushes-we got several raspberries and 3 blackberries this summer!

We were able to see family around the fourth of July and that's always fun even if I'm in the car alone with 4 children for 7-8 hours!

And we did our annual Myrup camping trip and I didn't even have to sleep in a tent this year it was wonderful..and we got to see Yellowstone National Park!

We're on motorcycles because we helped take pictures of the owners of them, and then  they offered the kids to sit on them for a fun!

Eric's company had a convention in Vegas so we were able to ditch the kids with my parents and enjoy a few days away.  Thanks Mom and Dad..I worked but it was so nice to get away from normal life-and just worry about me!

Then August was a bunch of rain and wind..our family picked Raspberries Labor Day weekend and that was fun..we always bring home 12-13 pints and we just snarf them never make anything or freeze them, just eat, eat eat!

We found lots of hours in the sand box, on the trampoline, biking, swinging and just hanging out this summer.

Then the kids went back to school-and adjustment for Katelyn.  She cries when she can't get in the carpool vehicle in the morning and doesn't understand why she's not going!  I'm trying to remember what I did long ago when it was just me and Brandon..even though I had a lot more enthusiasm and actually wanted to sit and play..I want but there are other things I can think of doing-back then the only thing I wanted to do was spend time with Brandon.

First day of school-Marie and I were thrilled!!!

However this week Katelyn has started potty training and that has been AWESOME!  None of my kids have gone this early and I'm not complaining!

Eric has some major frequent flyer miles so we are planning a vacation to Florida next year-I'm so excited!!!

So this is us and what we've been up to-here are just some pics I thought rocked!-I'm too lazy to save them to my computer and rotate you'll just have to rotate your head!

He's wearing 2 hats and I thought it was cute!

This is just in our driveway one day-but lets pretend we were someplace really fun like a beach!

I loved this when it happened-Tyler pretending he doesn't have any legs, he's scooting himself to his bedroom!  I think  he really looks like he doesn't have any!