Monday, April 22, 2013

Walkie walkie

Today I told Eric that Grandma was going to be so surprised at how walkie walkie Katelyn was, and he informed me that I just made my own oh well-she is just go go go girl and always on her feet and just so much fun-so I thought I better make a post so all can see since we don't live near each other!

 At school they  had a dress up as your favorite Dr. Seuss character-so the boys went as thing 1 and thing 2.  In this picture Tyler thinks he's totally awesome because the knives make it look like he has awesome hair!
 Marie would hike out in the snow, fill up a cup of snow and dump it on the steps for Katelyn and she would eat the snow and love it-my kids are weird I know!
 Here are some of my new clothes that I got-so nice to have cute new clothing!

The next many pictures are from spring break-we went to Ocala Florida and then to Winter Haven Florida saw lots of family we haven't seen in years!
This picture is sand the Aunt Jennifer put in her front yard for the girls to dig in-and the LOVED it!

 The boys were trying to knock this dead stump down.
 This is Aunt Amy when we went over to Great Grandma Roberts house..she had an instrument for all of us, and every time we saw her in this trip she had her little bin of stuff the kids could pick something out-I remember this when I was younger, so fun to still have this tradition!

 Katelyn really liked the xylophone sticks!
 Here's the kids, even Katelyn digging in the bin to see what treasures they can find!

 Great Grandma Roberts
 We went to the park with Aunt Amy, and Marie is showing off her skills!
 This is so you can remember what I look like because I'm rarely in pictures, but surprisingly Eric took most pictures this vacation.
 This is my cousin Brandon in the front, he's about 2 years older than my Brandon-in the middle and Tyler is in the back.

 This is in the chilly morning hours of Disney World!!
 This is near Winter Haven Florida, Dinosaur World-it was fun to discover all about dinosaurs.

 This is at Lego Land, it was really, really fun-our family really enjoyed it-and Katelyn was with us.
 Katelyn doesn't want to say goodbye to Aunt Leah.

 This is back home-Katelyn really likes the sand box.
 I did Katelyn's hair like this-and I was so proud of myself, but looking from the front it just makes her look bald-but here's a picture that I really did it.
 One freezing afternoon me, Tyler and Marie jumped on the trampoline-man it was cold-but fun!
 This is Tyler just being himself-put on all of Marie's jewelry!
 This is why you don't put dish detergent in your dish washer when you're low on dishwasher detergent!  The suds just kept coming, I'd clean the floor and scoop them out, and a few minutes later I'd do it all over again!
 This is one of Marie's new leotards Aunt Amy gave her from her store-we're very thankful-she loves it!
 I was a mean Mom I guess and did this to Katelyn's hair in the bathtub-she's got more hair than it looks!
 This is Brandon being a weirdo!  He thinks it's cool that you can't even see the window!
 Katelyn is so nice and smiles so pretty!  It's wonderful!

And the video of her walking that I really wanted to post, that I made just to put on my blog isn't loading well-so oh well guess you'll just have to imagine her walking all over the place!