Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gettin' Busy

Well we finally put up our Christmas tree. I feared it totally wouldn't fit our house because our ceilings are a little over 7ft. and our tree is 7.5ft. We bought it on sale 2 years ago after Christmas thinking we wouldn't be at this house for long-and since there wasn't much selection--but it all worked out. I just had to fold a little bit of the tree over to get the star on but it looks really really nice. I mentioned to Brandon that maybe today we could put up the tree and he just couldn't wait-so I lugged it up from the basement-and it actually was a lot lighter than I thought--and since it's pre-lit and only has 3 pieces it was simple! Putting up the tree won't be such a chore anymore!!

Yesterday we went to see Santa-No pictures because we didn't want to pay and you can only take your own pictures on Monday evenings. But it doesn't really matter since Tyler only gave him a high 5 and Brandon wouldn't touch him at all. They enjoyed their candy canes though. Today Brandon says that he didn't want to tough Santa because he had gloves and not REAL hands. I don't think it would have made a difference--but it's cute anyway.

Oh when we got back from Thanksgiving we finally found and installed our new TV stand-it looks wonderful and it doesn't strain my neck to look at the TV anymore!

I'm almost as excited for Christmas as the boys are..Brandon keeps saying that we need more presents under the tree and that he wants to wrap some of his own toys-but I wrapped a few dinosaurs and I'm done with that. The first thing Brandon does when he wakes up is open another window from the Chocolate advent calendar-he is just super excited. I'm starting to realize that we won't be with Eric for Christmas and it's sort of sad-but we'll be with family and he'll be making good we'll see him soon afterward!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tyler's Birthday

Tyler had a wonderful Birthday-even though I was unprepared as a Mommy. There was only 1 present for him to open on his birthday-but I made up for that later and he forgave me!

During the day the boys helped me make the Elmo cupcakes. They enjoyed that, then later we got to eat them. Tyler didn't know how to blow out the candles-he pointed and said fire. Ultimately as you see in the movie Brandon had to help. Tyler liked his Elmo cake and it was fun.

The boys jumped up and down in anticipation for Daddy to get the toy out of the's this motorcycle race thing and of course Tyler can't do it himself--but between Tyler and Brandon they LOVE it. Later he got plenty of toys from Great Grandma and Great Grand Dad, Grandma and Grand Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Nana--THANK YOU!

This is his Elmo Cake--I know not too much resemblance..but Tyler thought so!

The Elmo cupcakes-these look more like him, but they don't all have blue eyes--oh well!

SO happy-even if it's just ONE!