Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthday, Christmas, Vegetables, and everything in between!

Okay so much has happened since I've given blogging a thought! I already uploaded the pictures, now it's all about documenting what's going on in the pictures.

We've finally taken updated's been TOO long.

-Brandon doesn't have one because he got a school picture purchased this year.

Now some silly things...This is what Marie looks like after eating an OREO cookie.

-Yup it's EVERYWHERE!! Even up her nose!

Of course she's still a princess every time she gets!

It's been so long since I've taken this picture that I can't even remember what she's wearing. But it's at least a 2 dresses, 2 dress up dresses then a dress on top! That day I didn't care, as many layers as she wanted, I helped her put on.
She wanted to see her squished nose-and so I took a picture..such a weirdo.

This is how Marie likes to get her hair wet in the bath. Hey the bottom line is she actually LIKES getting her hair wet now!
On day she just couldn't keep her eyes open..poor thing. Sleeping while kneeling on a couch sitting up!

Tyler has had a birthday! He is now 5 years old! This year he wanted a dog cake, so I coped out this year like I did when Brandon wanted a Dinosaur cake and just did a picture on the cake.
-Of course it's Tyler so it HAS to have those candy letters on it!
-He blew out the candles too quick to get a picture!
At school they gave him a birthday crown! He was so proud, and even let Marie try it on and get a picture!
-Here he is with his Thanksgiving crown thing and his birthday crown. At least I got a good smile out of him!
It was forever after his actual birthday that we finally had his party at the Gymnastics place. He loved it, there was a small turn out-but it was Dec. 17th! But it was a ton of fun-and I only got a cake picture, no pics of Eric throwing the kids in the pit this time!--but it happened! Oh and I made another dog cake, different dog this time..with a Santa hat!

This is out Elf Jack. He comes and visits us starting Dec 1st-and stays until Christmas Eve. The kids LOVE finding him each morning!

This is Marie showing us how much she LOVE her vegetables! I'm not kidding Broccoli is her very favorite vegetable and would eat it daily if I cooked it for her! Brandon likes it a lot too..but not Tyler..I've got 1 that doesn't really like any vegetable except pickles..and really do those count??

On Christmas Morning-there was excitement in the air, and all worked out-even though we did Santa then church then the rest of the presents. I made life a little more complicated that I needed too-since I hauled this HUGE gift down for Brandon-it was going to be from Santa, but I decided he'd figure out HUGE box in van on the way down, HUGE box from Santa on the way home-so to keep the spirit of Santa alive I decided the gift was just from Mom and Dad to the family..but I wish I would have decided that before hauling the big thing down and back..but oh well!
-Plus there was a HUGE mix up at Best Buy to make sure we got a keyboard on time..anyway--we'll just forget about all the stress and enjoy it!

All Marie wanted for Christmas was RED FLOWERS so Santa made sure he brought those!

Oh yeah 1 more thing I should blog about. This Christmas Eve Tyler was sick, throw up sick..but was surprisingly okay on Christmas Day, that's when Eric had some stool issues, Monday evening our family flew to Florida to visit my side of the family-that's when the rest of us got sick. Meanwhile the Myrup's are sick -back in Utah..good grief--crazy, crazy sickness!

So skip this if you don't want detailed info of our throwing up. At the airport, Eric took Marie to change her diaper and when he gets back I'm leaning over the garbage can..luckily nothing came out-but still..obviously NOT feeling well. On the first flight (which was to LA, I know crazy) I threw up when they said we could get the dvd player out, and when they told us to put the dvd player I wasn't sure if it was a pregnancy thing since it was the exact same altitude. Then after the plane lands, but while it's still taxiing to the gate Marie throws up.
At the airport it's 11pm our time or something, so we're all tired. Marie sleeps on Eric's lap while I make a run for the ladies room. The boys sleep on the floor. I see another family that are throwing up-and they are on our we're standing in line to get on the plane Tyler throws up. They almost didn't let us get on a flight-they said that if he's sick on the plane they'll have to turn the plane around..we say, no he's fine and we got on board.
This flight is about 4 hours I think..Tyler and Marie sleep the entire time. Me and Brandon-we throw up the entire time. I had it easy because I'd sleep-do my business then go back to sleep..poor Eric had Brandon and didn't know when it was going to happen. All but the first landed in a bag, and the first was on Eric's hand and on an airplane blanket that we chucked-so it could have been worse.
Who knows how many people got sick because of us.
When we get the FL-Brandon only throws up once more in the rental car-in a bag..and then when we get there the throw up is done..thank goodness! However I have diarrhea pretty much the whole time I'm there...which caused me not to have the best time of my life, but we still had fun.

I think the boys' favorite part was the pool at the rental house..they were in it every day!

Brandon wanted me to get a picture of his head in the water..he's so proud!

Here we are at the was fun-but I literally pooped my pants and I felt like my water had broke-just uncontrollable oozing, is never a good feeling!
It was so good to see my sister and her family-it had been 2 years. And a year since we've seen my as so so nice to be altogether again! And thanks to Lisa she did all the cooking..and was exceptional!
Aunt Leah her Grand Daughter Kylee, Aunt Jennifer and Big Brandon surprised the kids and came down for a day-since that was the day Lisa's family and Grandma got sick with whatever we had, we just stayed at the house--but when that part of the family is there, you will always have fun! And we did, it was really really nice to see them-and be all together!