Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Months

Today Marie is 5 MONTHS - I totally can't believe she's that old's just crazy. She's almost a half of a year old-NO WAY!!

Here she is-her practically naked 5 month picture..chunky but not too chunky!

So what have we been up to while Eric's away..not a whole lot of anything that's for sure. It's exciting to think I only have 3 more days/nights to do it all by myself-but I think because of that time's going tic-toc-tic-toc really SLOWLY!!

Here's an example of what has happened while Eric's away-one day Tyler asked if he could eat sprinkles and I must have been worn out-because I let him have some..look at this face..

One day there was 1 empty paper towel roll and we were all fighting over it, it was a Transformer weapon. So I made some more and then nobody wanted the paper towel roll-they both wanted home made ones. Tyler got hours and hour of fun out of these. We raked leaves, let them play in them..then put them in bags--Tyler used his Transformer guns as hands and did the was so funny. It wasn't freezing yet-and Marie actually hung out in her bouncy chair for a while while we worked-it was nice.

Here's just some cute pictures of Marie-and the family-because she's 5 months old and this post is for her.
-She LOVES bath time, we'll get it on video when there's more than just 2 hands.
-She LOVES diaper changing time, always has--I think she knows it's one on one time..she's happy hangin' in her diaper but when it's time to get dressed she gets grumpy.
-We haven't kept up on the bottle, I've been told twice now she hasn't been interested..but she already eats those melt away gerber cereal type things-so she can get some food without me!
-She doesn't always have to nurse to fall asleep and I totally DIG that!
-I know there's other things..but I don't have all the time in the world-it is the middle of the day.

I LOVE that she enjoys grabbing her toes-I think it's just precious! Neither of the boys did it, and I just LOVE it.

The shirt says it all-she couldn't be cuter!

Tyler's pushing forward with potty training-so that's wonderful..we're NO WHERE when it comes to poop..but if you have a treat he's totally there! And most mornings he's dry-so that's a triumph already..even though we still wear diapers to bed.

Brandon unfortunately has some sort of horrible cough. I hope in 2 days it winds down and I won't feel about going to the ward trunk or treat...I NEED to get out of the house..I NEED to go--so hopefully we're all healthy.

No news on the house, we're waiting for the appraisal at this point. I think all is going to go okay.
Eric starts his new job on the 16th..super crazy..I traveled up to Idaho Falls Monday to search for a place-came up empty handed...but there's still some time before we've got to get up there.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I suppose...

I should tell all that Eric and I have decided to take a job in Idaho Falls!! I have to admit I was very not so certain about this choice before we got the offer--but perks such as no nights/weekends or holidays can weigh fairly heavy-considering where we've been for the past 4 years. I'm not going into huge detail on my public blog-but just thought I'd let you guys know.

As far as our house-we did pretty much all that they requested from the inspection- so I'm fairly sure it'll be okay. We just have to go through the appraisal make sure it's worth what we sold it for and we'll be out of here by the end of November.

We're not sure when we're starting the new job, but for sure before the end of the year-and hope to sort of work it out so we don't have to look for temp housing here. It's crazy the end of October is almost here and the end of November is close's so exciting yet crazy it's all coming so fast!

If you haven't read my sneak peek Halloween make sure you enjoy those pictures!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sneek Peek Halloween and more...


We've got Batman and Catbaby! I keep putting this on Marie so she'll still want to wear it when it's time..I couldn't pass up this picture even though Marie wasn't in her whole outfit!

We carved our one family pumpkin before Eric left-I should say Eric did it. Tyler decided he just wanted to draw on his pumpkin so that's why we just did one. It was fun-and went fairly quick. We got our pumpkins from our nice friend Leanne again-it's so nice to not have to go buy them anymore!

My Mom sent these very cute scrapbooks for the boys-well and Marie but she doesn't enjoy them as much. Brandon opens his to the picture of him with Aunt Leah's dog Rocco--and says Rocco I miss you. It's super cute-I love it, haven't got a video of it yet though.

On Saturday while I was at the temple the boys picked leaves and colored them, Brandon thought this was totally awesome! He wanted to make sure we could see the color on the leaves!

These are a couple pictures of inventive toys I gave Marie yesterday-a basket and a hanger-she did really really well with them. Thanks Marie for being so entertained for me!

Here's Tyler showing off his muscles-I thought he was a cool dude.

Then just some cute pictures...

Marie was super cute in this church dress yesterday!

Monday, October 5, 2009


We were at Grandma's for the weekend and when we get back there's SNOW on the ground. Holy cow! Guess it's time to turn the sprinklers off! The boys had a fun time running around in it before we made them put their pajama's on. I took a video but it's really dark and grainy-but they had a wonderful time. Tyler played in it this morning.

The boys also opened their Halloween box from Grandma this morning-as soon as everybody was up..holy cow they LOVE everything in there. They're both wearing what was in there-and just LOVE everything. Brandon thought the pumpkin sucker should have been a bingo prize he loved it so much!

However the back yard-our neighbor's trees like fell into our yard. See in the below picture..where the fence is to the left of the tree-follow that down and that's how much tree is in our yard. That's just great-we're trying to sell our house and we got big hunks of lots of tree in our YARD.

So this is what's going on here--Tyler really wants to wear underwear like a BIG boy-but it's slow going..we'll see how it goes.

Below's a pictures of Marie being happy and helping me with the laundry!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ladies Night---and kids

I called my friend Jana to see if I could raid her bow collection so Marie would have more than one bow to wear this weekend--and she mentioned we should give it a go ourselves. She made this cute flower bow-it's just darling. So I had to post it. It's a good likable size. I made a couple littler ones-maybe you'll see them later in pictures.

It was fun to getogether..but Marie was cranky almost the whole time-so we should have gotten together when the children were sleeping..but oh well it was still fun. Thanks Jana!

Not a single person has come to look at our house-so that's depressing. There may be a job opening with a friend of Eric's that's in Idaho we're not sure about that-and I guess there are more jobs available in OK, they informed us today--so we're keeping our options open, and we'll let you know if we're given any offers.