Wednesday, October 29, 2008

..........DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

Last night we set up our TV that's been sitting in our basement for about 10 MONTHS!!! Let's all SHOUT for JOY. It's sort of crazy because we set it ontop of our current entertainment center and it's too high but it works until Christmas or until I get get something super cheap or free. Never the less I'm super-super-super excited!

Also this is Eric's LAST day on phones. He got a new position-the position he used to have -Team starts on Monday but I guess he gets to start setting up the rest of the week. We're all very excited for this! We're cool staying in Twin a bit longer and no longer want to sell our house.

Pumpkin Carving

Monday night for FHE we carved our pumpkins. Seems like this year it went really fast-but it was still really fun. Tyler wasn't so sure about touching the inside because we kept on saying finally he barely touches it and says EWWW--it was funny. This year we carved a happy pumpkin and a scared pumpkin. It was fun to spend that time together.

The boys are WAY more into Halloween than they've ever been. Brandon wants to look at all the scary houses-and when Tyler sees scary things he says scary and just loves it-for once it's good to be scary! They are getting so excited. Each morning Brandon wakes up he tells me how many days it is until Halloween I think we started Monday of this week-he's really excited and wants to trick or treat at the super scary house!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everything Fun

Well we sure had a FUN week in Utah. Too bad Eric couldn't be there with us..but the boys and I had a blast! We started off going to Pumpkinland. Tyler sad by these HUGE pumpkins, I was very impressed by their size. Brandon loved the corn maze-I'm glad that we finally found the witch and the end-it took a while, and it was hard staying as a group with two running boys. It was a bit windy but of course Brandon and Tyler had tons of fun anyway.

There's a couple shots of us just having fun with Grandma and with cowboy hats. Brandon's really into them I learned. Brandon is playing lava all the time-a game he plays with Grand Dad when we're can't put your feet on the carpet or the HOT lava will get you-or sometimes it's shark water-or snakes. It was really fun to visit-even though when we are down there Brandon and Tyler wake up SO early-it totally burns me out.

I did read an outstanding book while I was there. Moonraker's Bride. The author is Madeline Brent and I recommend it to all lovers of romance-but no yucky details-I just loved it! Thanks Linda for letting me get absorbed with this novel!

Our final stop was in Logan. We got to visit with Brett and Shanna and it was fun hanging out. Then we visited the Pumpkin Walk with Michelle, Barrett and Abbie. Some of those pumpkins were incredible-I'll post some pics of that too. It was fun to do that with family, and chat and just hang out.

Unfortunately on the way home-I went to Tremonton but I didn't know I was to get on south bound I-15 so I took a detour home..but we made it safe and sound.

It was a really fun week and the boys were good in the car-I'm getting ready for our trip down at Christmas time, because I know poor Eric will have to work.




Friday, October 17, 2008

Potty Training III

Well Brandon is doing the same-probably less enthusiastic to pee, but I keep reminding him. The new exciting news is that Tyler is starting to go potty. He's excited to get a puzzle piece to his potty chart just as much as Brandon. And I think he knows how to push it out-I set him on there, he's got a certain face and it just spills out-way better than Brandon..the second time around is easier! So I'm getting VERY excited. We'll see if the kids hold up when we're at Grandma Myrup's next week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potty Training II

Just wanted to post an update to potty training. Brandon earned his Jazz Transfomer on Sunday..we purchased it and while he was on the potty he got to hold it in the box. I also made him a puzzle chart-I cut Jazz up into pieces and numbered them and when he went he got to pick a piece out and match it to the correct spot. This worked super well for us. However he still doesn't tell me when he has to go I have to periodically remind him that he needs to try.

Thanks for everybody's input and maybe this can help another. I made a chart for Tyler but he doesn't quite get it yet-but hopefully sometime soon!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


The snowman pictures were on the camera's hard drive-not a SD card like normal. I'm doing a YCC CD thing for the youth and so my SD card is gone-anyway. When I got the pictures off there were a couple other pictures of the kids about 1.5 years ago--so I thought I'd post them just because I enjoyed the flashback..maybe you would to.

This is Brandon almost 2 years old-about the same age Tyler is right he looks little.

Tyler is about 4 months old. I don't even remember him having a Mohawk! But he's cute!

Snowman-or woman

Today when the boys woke up..yep you guessed it it was SNOWING. They were so excited about 8am they just couldn't wait to get out there in the snow. After I dressed them all up Brandon said "Mom I want to make a snowman" so I decided I could get out there and do it.

It was fun-for a while but then nobody wanted to help anymore and I thought Tyler was going to destroy him.

When decorating him I didn't want to have to go inside the house to get anything because that would be a big snowy mess. When I decided to make the eyes flowers that's when Brandon asked me if it was a girl I guess she is! The nose is a pine cone and the teeth are rose thorns put in the snow thorn first. The buttons are dark leaves...I thought I was pretty creative. I did have Eric get a hat and scarf from inside-and Brandon was so proud her name was Teesee or something like that-I had NO clue what he was saying.

It was a good morning-she's WAY leaning now and the rest of the snow has already melted-but it was fun while it lasted!

Eric was going to mow the lawn for the last time-and do some outdoor painting his day got ruined-but he's okay since now we can have a lazy day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Conference Weekend

First off-Brandon would like to thank his cousin LUKE for sending him copies of his "totally wicked" dinosaurs! Remember totally wicked from The Incredibles--yeah it's a saying around here..Brandon thanks you and can't wait to play Transformers with you at Christmas!

Now for conference...

We had a fabulous time in Utah for Conference weekend. I LOVE not having to dress up and drive to the stake center to watch conference! I really look forward to seeing family and spending time with's just wonderful.

To start off our weekend Eric and I went to the USU v. BYU football game. Holy cow I really had a great time-we had 3rd row seats on the 35 yard line so we were close to the action...closer than I'd ever dreamed being and it was really fun. There was this lady in front of us that kept asking questions that was a bit annoying and she had a cute little boy I couldn't help but smile at every once in a while-but all in all it was a super blast and an awesome date! Thanks to Michelle we were able to go without our kids--Thank You! Thank you Shanna for being our chauffeur to and from the game!

Saturday morning the kids actually slept in to 7:40am so we got a late start driving down to Orem--we left about 15 minutes into the first session, but we had it on the radio at Michelle's. We listened to conference on our way down and it was the most I've gotten out of conference in a long time-not reading it in the Ensign. The kids were happy and I got to listen intently! Loved it!

The ladies get together during the Priesthood session was a total blast this year! Linda made a Halloween BINGO that I think I got more excited about it than Tyler..and there were gobs and gobs of toys that my kids are still going crazy over 4 days later! Awesome idea! And that absolutely loucious cake from Magelby's..thanks Lisa that was to die for!

Saturday night I was able to sneak in a game of Settler's of Catan--man I love that game! Thanks to Brett & Suzanne!

It was just an incredible weekend! I really love spending time with family-and if we didn't see extended family at the Priesthood session I'd probably sadly never see I'm very grateful for that!

Me and the boys are looking forward to spending some time with Grandma in a couple of weeks. We can't wait!