Saturday, June 9, 2012


On June 3rd we blessed Katelyn, it was so nice to have some family come up and be together.  We got a bunch of group shots on other camera's but I've got some pictures of Katelyn!

Such a wonderful day!

Growing baby

I haven't posted in a while-so I'll just post some pics and video of Katelyn growing so much!

 Marie brought this home from Nursery on Mother's day, a cute flower cupcake!  So cute!

Marie is letting me do her hair again!!  So fun..with ugly clip on earings...

Yes she still LOVES to help out, but understands what she likes and doesn't now-that's nice.

Tyler graduated Preschool..he loved it-but I'm happy to not run him over there three days a week anymore!  He did really really good singing songs during his program!

 Marie had her birthday-most pictures are on Linda's camera-but she had an awesome time!
 Marie is FINALLY potty trained!  If I bring the potty she always goes when we're out-she doesn't like the big toilet, still working on that..but if the little potty is there-she's great!  Yeah I'm so happy!  This was hard for me because I thought she should have figured it out sooner..but we're finally there!
 This is the gorgeous Tu-Tu Linda made Marie for her birthday, she gave her the whole outfit-it's so awesome!  And well loved!

 Brandon FINALLY is showing some interest and from time to time enjoys spending time with Katelyn.