Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well not too much has been going on here-I've been exhausted..the boys have woken up before 6AM every single day this week and it gets tiring. I've been missing my morning prayer-so I don't get that extra strength from Heavenly Father during the day. Like Elder Bednar says in the conference issue-morning prayer is important in the spiritual creation of each day--so instead of more patience my patience is wearing thin, kids are starting to have attitudes and I just want a NAP! When #3 gets here all will be well because I'll have something to do rather than sit around feeling grumpy or tired. We do have some fun making tunnels, caves, coloring and today we froze our butts off walking to the park and playing (they FINALLY put swings in our park that's just down the road)!!! There is joy in this journey but this week joys are small and simple-which is good-but hard when you're so exhausted!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small, Simple, Weird

Well I can't really think of much that's been going on. So I thought I'd share some weird things that are going on.

Brandon has finally figured out how to give a thumbs up and he's proud of it! Before it was lots of thinking and without help he ended up just pointing.

Brandon has decided when he sleeps he needs to be completely covered-the covers over his head, this week Tyler has followed suit..I know crazy.

Tyler has to say " I did it" every time he does something on his own, or "I eat it" when he's eating something-weirdo!

I don't know what we're doing for Tyler's birthday and it's in a little over a week-all my gift ideas are on his Christmas list--it's okay I'll think of something I just don't know what yet. I do know I'm making those Elmo cupcakes from Jessica Myrup's blog..those are easy and I'm certain yummy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 4th

I have a couple things to post. Eric and I both had the opportunity to vote and that was awesome! So that was a good experience and there were NO lines which was WONDERFUL! We each got a sticker and the boys wore it proudly!

Earlier that morning the boys were looking for me-and the first place to look these days is the basement..I went to see what they were doing they had a mop and a broom and were cleaning for me. That was so sweet of them! They enjoyed doing it too! I just had to post how thoughtful they were-then later Brandon had to tell me if Tyler wasn't cleaning-as if it was a chore I'd given them and he was slacking! It was fun and cute!

November 3rd

November 3rd I found out that I'm due May 25th and I was able to hear the baby's heart beat which was awesome. So I'm 11 1/2 weeks-which is a little sooner than I thought but the sooner they better! I like my new doctor-I feel like I'm in Logan again with a personal doctor just for me and I'm very excited. He's a family practitioner so I can switch all the kids to see him and I think I will -and now Eric has a doctor so it worked out great. The only thing is that he doesn't accept plastic--it just causes more planning ahead but I can do it.

Halloween Overdue

Well it's been almost a week since Halloween and I still haven't posted my pictures yet...sorry. It was a great Halloween-we did a combined 2 ward Trunk or Treat and there were so many kids we ran out of candy-unfortunately it seems like there was almost all chocolate candy so the mix wasn't great to raid from their bags..but each boy got almost a full gallon zip lock back there was LOTS. We knocked on 2 doors on the way of them was the scary house we were addicted to looking at each time we passed in the car. They got a whole bag of stuff from there and they thought it was way cool.

After the trunk there was dinner and face painting so the boys really liked it. It was hard keeping track of 2 boys and a hurt foot when Eric was away in the HUGE line getting food--but it was worth it!
I was pooped by the end of the night-but it was fun.

The morning of Halloween I took the boys to this new place called Hop2it
It has lots of blow up bouncy things for the kids and it was a discount on Friday-it was really fun! The very first part of playing I fell climbing up a latter and I hurt my foot. But I just kept playing because it wasn't that bad..later when I rested during Tyler's nap-I guess my foot decided it had had enough and totally gave out on me. That's why the picture of us sitting in our trunk I have ice on my ankle--yeah I think I sprained it-but by Saturday I was fine.