Monday, November 5, 2012


Hopefully this time my videos can load so you know I'm not a total weirdo! I think it's Katelyn crawling army style.  And then Marie sharing spooky stories in the closet!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun!

It has already snowed here this year-but it has left for now and Halloween was actually warm-warm for Idaho Falls that is.

We actually got do do a few things-there was enough leaves blown in our yard to have a pile to play in! 
 This is one of Brandon and Tyler's friends, I enjoy him over-he always asks if he can help out or hold Katelyn-it's so nice!
 We has fun getting buried in the leaves!
 This is Katelyn being crazy in the bouncy chair-she still enjoys it a lot if she sits on it not being buckled, but this day she was really crazy and crawling off.

Halloween was fun this year-people starting trick or treating at 5:30 for some reason I thought 6 was the time we would leave, I took the kids out by myself for a few minutes before Eric got home-but it was a lot of fun, and I was so glad it wasn't windy or cold!  And I got a break from VERY cranky Katelyn that night!

 Good thing you can't see Marie's VERY ugly red tights she picked out to wear underneath!

 Going back in time-one day Marie thought she would attempt to fly the kite..lasted about 3 minutes..but whatever-and she's wearing a skimpy dress up skirt..totally NOT modest!
 No story to this picture-how about that bow..pretty big for Kerry..but I love it!

Last time Eric was out of town he sent me flowers!  I was so shocked it was wonderful!  I told him years ago I'd rather go out to dinner than get flowers that will die in a it's been a long time and it was surely what I needed -he was gone almost 2 weeks.
Well I'm not allowed to move the videos around.  The first video is a movie all about what we do to kill time when it's horrible weather in Idaho Falls..the girls and I were in the boys' closet with the doors closed, with flashlights and Marie was telling us scary stories!  Unfortunately I didn't get any good stories on camera-but it was still fun.  The next video is of Katelyn scooting around..she's getting very fast at it!  Sorry the footage sucks-it's an old camera..maybe someday we'll upgrade.