Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last weekend was the Father and Son's camp out..of course I stressed about it all day-it takes a lot for me to make sure the boys have layers, that they'll be warm enough-getting all the winter totes of clothes out, see what they can wear that sort of thing. I was cranky and had NO time to play with the kids, I was just doing my own thing. Then I forgot I needed to get a cooler ready some smore stuff, snacks and drinks--so I think that was the WORST shopping trip with 3 children that I can remember! At the end the boys were in the big part of the cart-putting their hands around each others' necks and chocking each other..I was completely embarrassed. I don't even know where they learned that-and I'd never seen it before.

I was looking forward to watching The Lovely Bones..Eric heard it was dumb and didn't want to see it-I still wanted to see it even if it was dumb (have to say a bit dumb and not what I expected), and I was also looking forward to sleeping in! Marie sleeps in about 2 hours longer than the boys! So..the boys leave, Marie goes down for the night, I start the movie about about 7:40 Eric calls and can't find where any of our Stake is. So I make a few phone calls-figure out where they're at and I learn that because there was supposed to be bad weather it had been canceled the night before but we never heard. So the boys came back home-none of them had had dinner, and they camped in the back yard. But I had to pause my movie when they got home, help put food away-luckily our neighbors have a portable fire pit so that was a life saver!

Needless to say I ended up smelling like smoke and took a shower before I could continue my movie and by 2am everybody was inside because the boys were restless or cold. But Brandon keeps asking when they can sleep in the back yard again-and the boys were out hunting the yard for more firewood I believe around 7:30am for another fire! So I guess they had an okay time..but my evening was interrupted and I didn't get to sleep in! So total bummer!

On a better note, Looking forward to seeing the Myrup's, my Parents are coming soon, and I signed the boys up for swim lessons-so that's exciting!

And Eric is trying to decide what date he wants to get his eyes fixed-he's going to do la-sic (who knows if that's the right word?) eye surgery! I'm excited for him!

And I'm dying for the weather to get warm! Hello it's almost June-where is the summer??

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tootsie Roll and Date

I didn't get a picture, because honestly I don't want to remember-but yesterday we wake up and there is SNOW on the ground! Are you kidding May 6th..good grief I'd like the nice, warm spring weather..anytime now!! There were a few days a couple of weeks ago of wonderful weather and Marie still has rosie cheeks from's a memory I'd like to re-live if the sun would come out and the wind wold stop!
It was Eric's birthday big 32! We went out and thanks to my friend Mandie and her husband we had a date..I think it's the first date since we've lived here and it's been almost 6 months. We went to Eric's company Christmas Party..and that's it. So it was wonderful and of course the boys had a BLAST! They had so much fun they said they didn't because they didn't want to leave. Thanks Mandie and Mark!

This morning Eric opened his presents and we've yet to eat cake and ice cream..but we will tonight-so it's a laid back birthday I suppose. But I think Brandon is more excited than the rest of us..we have to get the decorations out, we have to hide and surprise with Happy Birthday..he's the most excited about cake and ice cream-so it's fun just for the kids!
I wanted to post about our Tootsie Roll costume. A while back at DI we were looking through the costumes and found a Tootsie Roll costume..Brandon tried it on and it seemed kind of tight but really loved it and for $3 what the heck-I think we've already got our money's worth. So I get home and take the tag off and it says infant 3-6 months. So I guess it's supposed to be a little sack thing..oh well-the boys still like it-but it's funny to see them in it, knowing it's supposed to be a little baby sack!

Then I wanted to add this pic--lately Tyler wants to put mousse in his hair and make it spiky-which it doesn't really spike so good since it hasn't for over 3 years. Then one day I put the comb in his hair and told him to go look int he mirror and he said "looks just like Uncle Brett"--but I think he was saying it in a good way-because his hair actually spiked! But it's funny since he said it with a comb in his hair!--don't worry Brett, your still his favorite Uncle!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Tyler keeps asking me if I'll put Marie in 3 ponies. And I'm not sure how to do that-it's not like she has endless hair, so today I tried to be creative and this is what I did.

And I actually got some pictures of the boys-not being silly!

And one of Marie & Daddy-she does have another pig tail--it's just hidden. Oh and this is Eric's current hair dew, apparently the gal cutting it couldn't get it as short as Eric wants in the front, so he said just go ahead and buzz it. At first-I hated it! But now he enjoys not having to do his hair and it's growing on me-so we'll see what happens in the future.