Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well it's been over a month since I posted anything-and a lot has happened.  My parents came to visit for a while and I put my Dad to work like crazy-in our unusually HOT weather of 90*s..he claims he likes to be kept busy-and I certainly Don't mind!  Thanks for all your hard work Dad.  And Mom did a few jobs as well, but mostly helped me with the kids-figured out dinner and spent some good quality time with me!  I'm so glad their back from their mission and not too far away!

Katelyn doesn't want to be held all day, but certainly yearns for constant attention!  Usually there's a kid or 2 that want to hold or talk to her, which is nice-but after school starts, she's going to have to adjust!  She's getting chubby and she's already quite the chatter box.  She's not an excellent napper in the day-but at night she sleeps through and for that I'm okay with lack of daytime sleep.

 The kids loving Katelyn!
 Brandon reading his book on the tramp!

 Marie's new look-Braids!
 Katelyn helping me do laundry-eating Marie's underwear-its clean.
 Thursday night I took the kids to the local baseball teams game.  The all had the mascot sign their hand.  We even got to run the bases after the game.  We won 5-0.  I was scared to take the kids alone because Eric was out of town-but I sucked it up and it was fun.  Oh and we had free tickets from the summer library reading program-of course I brought food and the first 5 minutes Tyler and Marie wanted it..but it was still fun and Katelyn was a pretty good girl!
 I barely have any pictures of Katelyn smiling, I was trying to tickle with one hand and take the picture with the other and I still missed it!
I thought she looked so cute on the couch!

 Today I actually got a good picture of her in the tub!
We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and this is how much Brandon enjoyed his cotton candy!  $4 cotton candy..holy cow!