Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is spring here?

Well here in Idaho Falls, it's still kind of cold and this week it's totally rainy-but it's RAIN and not snow! Almost all the snow is melted and that's super exciting. It's warm enough for the kids, even Marie, but not warm enough for me to want to be outside all day--and I can't wait for us to move so I can send Marie out back and I don't have to worry about her and going in the road!

Here's just some pics that I've taken since my last post...
-Tyler went to the Fire Station for preschool and this is him hefting the ax.

-Stylin' the boots!

-Marie just discovered she fits into her baby stroller

-Clown Girl! I believe she was licking her ketchup off her plate..such a nice example from Tyler..but she looks like a clown!

-One thing Marie will do, is smile and say cheese for pics!

-Unfortunately she likes to put these gloves on..good thing I put them away for the winter.

-Okay so the lighting could be WAY better, but this is some of the cute stuff Marie's doing!