Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute Marie

Okay-I've got my Connecticut post written-I've just got to upload the pics, but since I'll be posting twice today I thought I'd throw in a quick post dedicated to Marie. Here's a couple cute pictures of her..she's SO cute!

She really likes to hang out in the stroller and watch what we're up to.

Yes I cut her head off-it's hard to capture the smile!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We were expecting the weather in Connecticut to be a bit less HOT than Florida-but we were wrong, it was still in the 90's and humid. However there were lots of shady places and fun cool-off things for the boys to do.

In the morning the boys would go out with Grandpa and get the newspaper, then check the blackberries and find some new ones to pick. There were TONS of cool parks, Brandon really enjoyed hitting the balls hanging in the garage (you know that originally was so that you know how far to park the car into the garage)-so we started out with 1, made a second and had to keep putting new balls on-it was so much fun!

"The Beach"

Marie with Grandma!

They played in the pond, collected tad poles with their bug gear from Florida, rode the tractor-there was just loads and loads of things to do-it was such a blast..even though it was HOT. Oh and both boys LOVED a ride in the convertible.

Making cinnamon rolls! YUMMY!

I particularly enjoyed going to NYC. Not only was it fun but it was a fabulous time away from the boys. It was me, Eric, Marie and Mom-we did a tour on an open bus-and got to see many of the sites, went to the Statue of Liberty it was just really fun to see the big city again-and spend some time with the ones I love!

This is when NYC was still a bit the morning!

Proof we were there! Beautiful Skyline

Marie had enough of New York!

Mom captured this cute video of Marie yackin' away to Daddy!

Grandpa and the boys went to a petting zoo and some other really fun things-but we had both camera's in New York--so we just got to hear all the wonderful things they did..but they were asleep when I got home and they didn't even miss me!

The night before our flight we look at the Itinerary and it said that we had a 4 hour lay over in Cincinnati! I could NOT believe this-when I booked the tickets the layover was almost nothing and I was thinking we'd have to hurry to the next flight. So I was sort of sulking because I sort of feel that was my fault and we realized it too late. So we get to Cincinnati about 8:15 we check the tvs and it says there's a flight leaving at 8:30 so Eric jogs over there and asks if the flight is full-they say yes so we just have a very, very long breakfast, get a picture in front of Ronald (that's painted on the wall) and luckily there's a play place in the airport with a TV on that we hung out at-so it wasn't too bad.

However before finding the play place we're hanging out near our gate at a deserted area charging the DVD player. This gal asks me who we are-and she informs us that we had boarding passes to the 8:30am flight-they paged us like 4 times and she didn't say-but the probably gave our tickets away to standby. So it was heart breaking ALL over again that we could have made that flight and we didn't have to have this LONG lay over! It was sort of nice that it wasn't totally my fault-that I wasn't imagining things when I booked our tickets like 8 months ago-but it sucked all over again-reality that we had this LONG lay over! But we all survived!

Marie just seems like a whole new person now-seems like she's grown more than she should in the 2 weeks we were gone. She doesn't seem to mind the car seat as much now-she hardly cried the whole way back home-which was just incredible! She's more awake-wants to grab toys, really enjoys hangin' out watching the boys. So that's prett
y fun.

Oh yeah-and Marie found her thumb on this trip..goodie...

The entire vacation was just a total blast. Marie's put quite a few sky miles in her short life time-but she was just as wonderful as the boys traveling-and I'm ready to do it all over again, and again, and again-I'm not ready for reality of Eric going to work, me shopping with 3 kids-the boys always wanting new toys and cooking and cleaning..but that's all part of life. Thank you Mom & Dad for such a wonderful vacation!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're ALIVE!

We're back and yes we're alive! I went to Mom's group today-it's nice to know we were missed and that we are loved..they were happy to have me back!

We had such a blast on vacation-before vacation we went camping-but sad to say I didn't have my camera so sorry no post about was fun-I'm sort of glad it was only 1 night instead of 2..the sleeping bag seems sort of small when there's another person with you-and Marie's still small so I didn't want to move-I was constantly making sure she could breathe. Outside the sleeping bag it was a bit cold--so it was fun to be with family as always, but glad to be sleeping in a bed!

In Florida we were having so much fun it was sort of crazy trying to remember to take pictures! Aunt Leah's house is just SOOO much fun! The boys loved driving the golf cart, there were so many adventures, swimming in the pool. We went to the beach, and Universal, having a night without the kids- it was just such a blast!

So my pictures-I'm lazy I've got Marie and Tyler in here 'helping' so there's red eye in some-but at least you get a taste of fun..then my next post is going to be of our time in keep checking out the blog.

The first day in Florida-we all went swimming, even Marie but did I get any actual pics of her in the water--NO but at least we can remember that it happened with this pic.

Here's the boys in the pool-they LOVED it! Brandon does pretty good by himself with arm floaties.

This is Brandon on a ride with Big Brandon (he's My cousin)

My and Tyler on the ride-this was the start of the day when we remembered we had a camera!

I'm the ONLY one at Universal with a camera and this is the ONLY Picture we got of everybody-and either the lens was dirty or foggy or something-I'm sad...

We went out to the beach one day-it was so fun.. the water was colder but the boys could go out pretty far and reach so that was fun.

Here's Aunt Leah and the boys with their bug kits-they came back with pretty cool things..and they were used a lot in Connecticut too.

Here's Aunt Leah the Baby HOG..but it was so nice to have her and a break from Marie for me!

Here's Uncle Ozzie's plane-the boys and Eric got to ride in it, Brandon sat up front and helped Ozzie fly it!

This is Rocco-Brandon LOVED him-played with him every single day-and wore him out! Sadly I think Rocco was ready for us to go home.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time-I'm ready to head out there again we really had the time of our lives! Thank you Leah, Ozzie, Peter, McKenzie, Jennifer and Brandon for everything you did for us to have an incredible time!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Magic Fest

So this past weekend before the blessing was fun. It was MagicFest here in Twin Falls, something they are trying to make an annual event here. Friday afternoon and all day Saturday they had about 7 magicians at certain places down town doing free shows. Eric worked swing shift so Friday night it was me and the kids-but Brandon had SUCH a great time! It was really fun, his favorite was Kip Sherry-he did some floating money and made a handkerchief disappear-those were his favorite tricks.

He loved him so much-we went and saw him again for free Saturday morning as a family. We basically saw all of the same tricks-but Brandon loved it. Then Saturday night there was a magic show up on stage-and our wonderful neighbors took Brandon because there was NO way I was going to make it-with Eric working. I guess there was more awesome stuff. I'm super glad that he got to go and enjoy it.

Here's a picture of us with Brandon's favorite magician and they are holding their little magic trick-I'll try to teach it to Brandon for the camp out-so he can fool some of you guys!

Then I just thought I'd post a couple other pics (I know the font changed..oh well I don't want to fix it!) I absolutely LOVE this picture of everybody-Eric probably doesn't because he doesn't have a shirt on-but I don't care it's super cute!--he never reads the blog anyway so he won't know I posted it..

A picture of me holding Marie after I got her all ready for church yesterday.

And the boys the other day feeding Marie-Brandon really loves it, and then Tyler just needed a turn-but they're cute.

oops I guess I forgot to flip that one-

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Finally a picture with Marie in it..thanks to Linda we were able to capture a pretty good picture of our clan. (I put the pic in the margin).

Today we blessed Marie-every single thing that she wore was borrowed but she looked super cute. It was special but I don't have to save the dress to give her when she's got her own it worked out great for me.

It was totally fun having lots of family visiting. It was chaotic-doing last minute linner (you know a mix of lunch and dinner) prep and making room to fit everything on the tables, but it was SO much fun having friends and family to spend the afternoon with.

We missed Kevin & Jessica and their boys..too bad you couldn't make it-but it was sure nice not having to do any traveling!

It was a great, fun filled day-and Marie didn't even cry during her blessing--THANK YOU!

We did some other fun things this weekend-that I'll hopefully get around to posting about..but you'll have to check back later for that.