Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Day!

Well moving day has arrived. It was a challenge getting the rental truck and trailor home, then unhitching the trailer and backing the truck into our drive way..holy cow! I'm glad we don't have to do that again.

Marie definitely knows something is up, and is dying for some attention! I'm really looking forward to when Grandma will be with us next week--she can give Marie some attention. Every single time we put Marie down she's sad but I've got things to do-and I didn't think she'd like being dropped off and me leaving her-if she's crying just when I put her down. It's been good to have Eric here so we can tag team but holy cow..after we move she better settle down or I'll go crazy!!

So the truck was smaller than Eric thought it was going to be-not in actual size but in what his brain pictured it would be and what it really is. So -he's talking about if everything doesn't fit..and how there's more boxes than he thought we'd we'll see how loading goes. I still think it's okay if the fridge doesn't make it, however I have a feeling it's going on pretty close to first--so whatever.

This whole thing is exciting yet stressful-but happy that it'll all be over soon, or at least I'll be unpacking instead of packing everything up!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

All has fallen in place

Everything has fallen into place! As far as we know everything is moving smoothly with our house-and the closing date may be moved up to the 17-18th.

Thursday we went up to Idaho Falls as a family to look for housing. We totally fell in love with a house-that wasn't supposed to be available until December 1st. However everything has worked out for us to move in the 16th-Eric's first day. I'm stressed-because it's going to be a stressful week next week-unpacking and Eric starting his new job..but it was a blessing in a way because I got a few more days here in Twin Falls. I'm excited about moving on-but it's still sad in a way.

Of course I remembered the camera on this trip-but did we remember to take any pictures...NO! But there will be plenty soon-since we'll be there next week. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and a family room and living room. It's an open floor plan and TONS of cupboard space--totally excited about that!

The boys had coughs last week-this week I've got a cold-runny and stuffy nose at the same time..hoping I'm on the upturn of it.

Today Eric and I both get to go to Sunday School because Eric hasn't been released from his primary position-but he's been it's an exciting Sunday it's been a LONG time since we've been able to spend Sunday School with each other!

This is life-enjoy it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaves and Halloween!

Okay-Halloween was fun..of course the Ward Trunk or Treat Eric was out of town that's why he's not in any of the pictures. Poor Marie got left out-she fell asleep so she stayed inside where it was warm and slept in peace. Brandon really wanted me to dress up-so I did the easy spider and was pretty proud since I did it the afternoon before the activity. I think we all had a great time.

This is how Marie wore it for the most part-but still too cute!

Today-Eric wanted to rake the remaining leaves-so he raked the ENTIRE yard into 1 pile! I'm lazy I'd never do that-so it's this huge pile! HUGE..and we've already bagged over 10 bags without this pile..yes part of me is okay parting with the leaf raking! The boys thought I was taking pictures-and started making funny faces-before they realized it was a video!

Tomorrow we are swimming as a family-Brandon didn't really want to finish swim lessons this time-he said they were boring-so Daddy told him if he finished we go swimming as a family. So we are all very excited for that!

Hopefully by the end of the week we'll know where we're going to live! So -we've got some fun things in store for us.