Monday, October 15, 2012

Life-October inIdaho Falls

 Okay this is a look alike..look how similar Brandon and Katelyn look!
Brandon is a couple weeks older in his picture-but they are similar kids that's for sure!
Brandon already had 2 teeth-Kately just barely broke her first bottom tooth a couple days ago.
 I can't remember if I blogged this picture or not-I didn't even have to put Katelyn's hands there she did it on her own!

And this is why I wanted to blog today...silly Katelyn!  She learned fast that this was a fun game-keeping the spoon with her tooth!  The spoon is rubber-so it really gets stuck on her tooth until she lets it go!  She didn't smile as much with the camera going-but it was so much fun feeding her lunch today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life in Idaho Falls is good-however the weather is already getting nippy and I'm NOT excited about that..nippy and windy-two horrible things.

This post is just a couple cute shots that I've taken in the past couple of days and a video showing how Katelyn can sit because some of you have never even met her.

She still falls over, especially if Marie is by  her because she always does something but for the most part Katelyn doesn't mind.  Which is nice.

I think today I win the coolest Mom award-from Tyler anyway because I got him a new sweatshirt (from Craigslist) and it's going to double as his Halloween costume, thank goodness we don't have to think of anything else.  But it is pretty cool.  And I'll have my friend do some vinyl bones for his legs.
And also why I'm the best Mom is because for a couple of weeks I've promised that tonight we're doing  movie night.  And we're having pizza for dinner and Tyler asked if he could have a rice crispy treat and I said yeah I'm totally awesome!  My hope is that kids sleep in tomorrow!!  There's no school Thursday or Friday-so this weekend is going to be LONG.

-Tyler has lost is 2 bottom teeth-a record for me in case I don't remember to write it down.

These are just cute Katelyn and Dad.

Last weekend there was a benefit garage sale and raffle for our neighbor's friends' that lost a 17 year old boy in a car accident.  And Marie bought this super cute cow cupcake!!  And we totally scored in the raffle we got 2 free date nights in gift certificates!!!  Totally awesome!
 I finally got all 4 kids together!!  It's been a few months since I've remembered to do that!

 Marie ALWAYS wants Katelyn to hold her hand and Katelyn just has a thing with her hands she HATES when they are touched or cleaned!!  So of course that always ends up in crying!

Last Saturday I signed Marie up for a dance clinic from 9-2 including lunch and they had a little rehearsal at the end..she got all dressed up..but didn't want to stay alone and I had to get Tyler to soccer practice and pictures--so oh well she had fun watching for an hour and got a T-shirt..I hope she'll stay in real dance class!  She enjoyed getting all ready though!
 Katelyn is helping me weed!  She enjoyed removing all the dirt from my weeds and kept herself entertained-and that's what matters most!