Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well tomorrow is the first time I'm going to the Idaho Falls Newcomers group and I'm excited about that--I'm going to do some bunco..I loved it in Twin Falls..we'll see how this is. However I thought it was going to be in the PM so I've been stressing over getting somebody to watch the kids..I'm splitting them up as normal, but I think it should be okay.--until this morning I was going to take Marie and wasn't very excited because it was right during nap time..but I got it figured out..thank goodness. So we'll see if $12 a year and activities during the day is worth it..but hopefully I'll meet some great people!

We've been doing play dough, getting out the new baby toys (you know all our toys that are about 6 month age..I've been getting them out and the boys are in love with them all over again). Making those indoor snowmen from Make and Takes. Marie is still not mobile. She takes 1 crawl step-and falls on her belly..but one day she'll get it. She eats baby food really well--

We had the missionaries over last night and he was amazed that she just was ready for each bite and ate it with no problems. Her favorite is Ham & Pineapple with rice..sounds GROSS if you ask me..but whatever. They were the Spanish speaking was fun to have them over-Eric got to speak some Spanish..even though he gets to do that at a daily basis at work now..but it was good. And good to have an excuse to get the house clean! Not that we're slobs..but it's just good to have company over.

Yesterday it was a bit warmer, but I think it's been snowing all day today--not sticking but still..good grief. Brandon is so excited for his Birthday--I've told him it's when it's warmer out so he gets disappointed when it's snowing because he knows it's not his birthday yet. I'm not even sure why he wants his birthday-there's no toys he's dying for or anything. He is in LOVE with Logan's birthday cake he got! He keeps asking how many more nights until his birthday--poor guy! We did have a "birthday cake" for him yesterday. He wanted to blow out candles, but I said -it's nobody's birthday but we've enjoyed the cake.

Tyler keeps talking about how much fun it is at his friends' house and how they have this, or he saw that..good imagination I guess..always thinking of a happier place-but he's deffinately making it up by now--he doesn't have any friends here yet.

Oh yeah-we got a coconut at the store yesterday..Brandon was SOOO excited to open it and get the milk out. I told him it was up to Daddy when he got he tried it--didn't care for the coconut was too hard. But the milk even though his face didn't look so hot he said he liked it and that we couldn't throw away the rest of it. So that was sort of fun.

One Day Brandon wanted to help at dinner time, he put everything on the table that we needed..I was so proud of him-and he as so happy! That night Daddy didn't come home until the kids were in bed..but he saw that there was a place for him at the was just so sweet.

-here's his table.

Just some more cute things-Eric took Marie for a piggy back ride--she loved it!

Marie in the coat Grandma got for free--it is a bit too big..but who's cute!

This was Marie ready for church Sunday-so cute!

Here's a proud Mommy-the first barrette that fit into Marie's hair!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

All is well

I feel like I should blog because it's been a LONG time. However there's not much to blog about. We had a wonderful Christmas had a blast with both sides of the family and I'm not sure I'm really happy to be home--since the kids seem to keep getting sick and I feel like I'm punished to stay inside and be bored all day.

I enjoy church-because I get to meet people, and I enjoy that-I'd like my family to be healthy so we can get out-and at least play at an indoor playland!

Yesterday Eric and I got to give our talks-I'm glad that's over with and we wont' have to do that for a while. It was a good topic-making righteous new years resolutions. In our ward we have an assisted living place and so when you speak you speak there at 10am then at the regular ward at 1pm. So that was a very interesting and long day for the kids.

Well I feel like this is a gripe blog post-so I'm done. Here are some cute pics of the fam!

-of course I got her standing--but it was fun, and Brandon took the picture!