Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You know you're weird when...

 When your master bedroom looks like this...

I finally got fed up with falling asleep on the couch, and hours later when Eric was ready for bed, he'd wake me up and we'd get in bed together..also when he's out of town it's just hard to get into an empty dark bed/bedroom so we moved the TV in our room-but it's just a trial run so we didn't buy a wall mount just yet.  I LOVE it, especially becuse our front room looks more open and inviting: and messy-but when the kids go to bed, so do the toys!
I can tell Eric doesn't like it as much, it's not as easy for him to work on his laptop, and he says he feels REALLY lazy watching football while laying around in bed!

Another new for thing that's weird..
 I got this for myself for Christmas because Marie still had a sippy cup in the fridge and I just couldn't let it go because when she wants a drink it's always MILK and the boys can get their own water, but I wasn't ready to get the milk for Marie-it was so nice to just have milk in a container that she could get, so this battery operated Milk dispenser is totally awesome!  It doesn't drip and she can get her own milk, and everybody else can too-no more messes while getting milk for cereal!

I'm addicted to these black pants I stole from my Mom at Christmas-time
Thanks Mom!  They are super comfy, and warm and I just love them to death-and I'm probably a weirdo because I want to wear them all the time, when I have to wash them-I'm so sad because that means I have to wear Jeans that day!

On to regular life-we had some fabulous holidays!  We more than enjoyed the beautiful weather in St. George.  I didn't bring our camera-then Eric got me a camera for Christmas, but it was a while before my brother in law gave me a SD card, and anyway-we just don't have pics from it-but it was fun.
While Eric was watching football Katelyn was also having fun-and we thought this was so silly-everytime Eric would do this, so would Katelyn!
This is a video-totally out of place, but I don't think I can move videos around like pictures-Katelyn has started walking with assistance!

I have this short video of Katelyn-who enjoys playing peek-a-boo all by herself!  By the time we figured out how to record a movie-she was all done...:(

This is such a cute picture of Eric and Katelyn, Happy  New Year!
 This picture I worked hard for, I wanted a picture that showed her 2 top teeth!
 Marie is right here, and it was a must that we post a picture with her in it!