Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Stuff

Monday the boys just did not want to get dressed. We didn't have anywhere to go so it wasn't a big deal, it was just weird. Eric came home for lunch-when he left it was raining hard! The first thing the boys did was strip of their pajamas, get dressed and play in the rain! It was just so funny-because they didn't want to get dressed but as soon as they found out it was pouring outside they were out there!

I also found a recipe for edible paint and we indulged ourselves that evening. It's vanilla pudding that you dye whatever colors you want and oh did they love it..Brandon was sad it didn't really paint as well as he wanted but it sure did taste good. It was fun for a while...then they had a really fun time in the tub.

Does anybody else's kids do this?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Eric comes home today! The boys are very excited-when I ask them who do we get to see today they yell DADDY! I'm very excited too. He called me when he was on the plane today so hopefully he's ontime in Twin Falls. The boys have slept in a bit more while Eric's away and I'll miss that-but I'd much rather wake up earlier than have Eric gone.

Carol-if you read this your Bran muffins are very good. Thank you for sharing!

Well that's all for today-I'll be happy and not posting later!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creative, Creative!

Okay-the other day when I was online doing blog stuff for a while the boys were being creative. Brandon asked to get a night light out-they are in the closet of the playroom..Brandon would like one in his room at night but we don't because the outlets are right behind the beds. Anyway-the movie explains it all but I'll write a bit just because. So I go downstairs and their room is pretty dark-they found a bag a fish probably from the diaper bag and they were "roasting fish on the fire", SUPER creative..then later they said night night and went to bed in their beds and Brandon told me how he wanted to go camping for real!

This next video is the boys being crazy. They are obsessed with Power Rangers lately and they put on their glasses and then say-Power Up because when the Rangers are Powering Up in the movies they change into their outfits with helmets and dark shield over their eyes-it's just super funny!

Oh and the house looks beautiful...of course it would! Brandon points at the walls and says "Look Mom we live here" I was trying to explain to him that I thought we were going to move away and I took the pictures down, but now that we're not moving we put them up-but all he got out of that is that now we really live here-I guess.

I also wanted to just say a couple of things about the boys:
Sunday Brandon whispered in my ear "Look Mom it says 3 0 4" he was reading one of the songs from the board up front-I thought that was great.
Brandon can transform our Transformer Jazz all by himself-which is an accomplishment-he's pretty hard.
Tyler calls a gum ball a quarter-He says "Mommy I want a quarter" I think because when he first had a gum ball we needed a quarter to get it out of the machine-then I just bought a bag at the Dollar Store.
Anything that's orange or red he calls FIRE..silly boy-

Brandon & Tyler's feet are about the same size-I just can't believe that! I measured them next to each other today-crazy!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I know-we're seeing how many posts I can make in 1 day-I just checked other blogs of course-and Jessica M. Tagged I figure I might as well do it now-it's almost 9:30 I've done nothing but shower today and my boys are still in the pajamas role playing power rangers so why not!

8 TV Shows I enjoy watching: (not in any particular order)
1. American Idol
2. The Amazing Race
3. Cold Case
4. CSI-all of them
5. Home Made Simple
6. Without a Trace
7. Lost
8. 24

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Had a rough Sacrament Meeting
2. Ate cinnamon rolls
3. Took Eric to the airport
4. put snow pants on Brandon
5. Made dinner
6. Read
7. Watched The Amazing Race-starter
8. Played Mummy with the boys

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Having a 3rd child
2. Going on a trip this summer
3. Seeing lots of family in May
4. Brandon going to preschool
5. Brandon & Tyler going potty-always
6. Eric coming home Saturday
7. Mom's group tomorrow
8. simple dinners this week

8 Things on my wish list:
1. My house to be permanently clean
2. my family to live closer-or us closer to them
3. no mortgage payment
4. go on a hot air balloon ride
5. for winter to be over
6. my husband to have a job he really enjoys!
7. unlimited frequent flier miles-just because
8. my kids would ALWAYS get along-and eat dinner I make

8 Things hubby did yesterday :
1. Suffered through the same horrible Sacrament Meeting
2. packed a suitcase
3. went to the airport
4. ate yummy left over ham
5. played with the boys-see previous movie
6. played games on the palm pilot
7. Ate valentines candy
8. hugged his family goodbye

8 People I am tagging:
-NOBODY..only if you want!

Lots of LOVE

I just wanted to post this movie of Eric and the boys playing together yesterday-so fun, yet so sad because he won't be around for a week!

Oh and I made Valentine's heart cinnamon rolls on Saturday and they were super good! I'm not volunteering to make them all the time since they took about 3 hours-but they were good-and fun for the holiday!

So last night was kinda lonely-only 5 more nights to go. I just don't want to think that I'm the one that has to get them in the middle of the night-if by chance they wake up, I always wake Eric up and have him go do it--not this week! How do you coral 2 kids into their room for prayer when you only have 2 hands? I managed yesterday but goes much smoother with 4 hands!

Today a dear friend is coming over to help me decorate my house. She was over last year some time and I have almost nothing on the walls..why? Because I thought we were moving-and I took every personal thing off my wall because personal stuff isn't good for showing your house. I packed it in boxes and put it in the basement. It's a pet peeve of hers-the first day she's at a new place-house or office she has to put stuff on the walls so it looks homey. Eric and I-that's the LAST thing we do because neither of us wants to do it..I don't want to hammer but most of all I don't want to decide what looks good, and where to put stuff. She (Sunny) just couldn't believe that I wasn't planning on un-boxing my pictures anytime soon. So we set a date-and today's the day my house will look it's best..and look good for days and maybe years to come!

Well lat's better than never-

I filmed the boys opening their Valentine Package on February 13th and was going to post for all to see on the 14th but of course I forgot! Plus is was a fun filled day for us-so I was busy too.

They LOVED the package Grandma and Grand Dad sent..which you can watch below.

On Valentine's Day I couldn't find a YW sitter so I asked a friend of mine to watch the boys. Eric had to get some nicer clothing for his trip this week-so we went shopping then we had a wonderful date of bowling and was really fun.

Without further blahing-here's some fun stuff.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Teddy is FOUND. Tyler found him about 2 minutes ago..I was in the kitchen talking on the phone and he's putting toys behind the microwave-and guess who's squished in there...TEDDY. Not that these last few days have been hard, he's been okay with a substitute but I'm still happy he's been found.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We're going through a crisis in our home! Tyler's Teddy is LOST. I've searched high and low we had him Sunday night and then Monday night we couldn't find him anywhere-I let him pick a stuffed animal out of our box to sleep with and he does okay. It's a cheap teddy bear from Artic Circle toys last year-I kept it as a replacement-but I know it's not the same for him. If he wakes up in the middle of the night-he wants teddy but when you give him the replacement he says loud-NOT that ONE..but that's all we got. He's doing okay, but now that it's Wednesday I sort of miss him myself. It's mostly the fact that I just don't know where he could be!
Maybe he was sad Tyler kept eating his nose off so he ran away.

Brandon is So excited for Valentine's Day. There's this game on NickJr-Dora you play the game and then you can print your own valentine-we've been printing them all this week and giving them away. Then on Saturday we made real Valentines, which let me tell you I'm just not into crafts and I don't have patience for kids in that way-the glue sticks were all sticky, there was glue where there shouldn't be, they were cutting hearts up that I'd cut out-it was bad, but fun..

I'm trying to hunt down a babysitter for either Friday the scary. Or Valentine's day in the afternoon because there's a dance for the kids in the evening. It's crazy-but this Sunday Eric's out of town for a week so I desprately want a date!

Everytime I talk about getting a babysitter Brandon gets really really excited. There's this one girl Kaity that he just LOVES. When I talk to Eric about it-Brandon says are you going to get her now, then when it's time for bed-I thought you were going to get that girl, he just wants her SO bad. I'm okay with the fact that he likes a babysitter!

Well this is a bunch of blah blah..bye.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Girl Legs

So I've been a bad Mom in a sense-for a very long time the boys have been wearing either holey black socks or black socks that are WAY too small for them. I knew I could buy new ones at Old Navy but I just never shop there and didn't want to to. Last week I finally went. So they wore their new socks-when we stripped them of their clothes Brandon pulled his all the way up and said Girl Legs. Then Tyler wanted his up high-it was cute I had to take a video!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, Well

Today I went to the Doctor and everything is wonderful! March 2nd is the last time I go at the 4 week interval so you know it's getting closer! I asked about getting another ultrasound and it's a NO. Unless I need one medically-which isn't the case right now and I hope isn't the case throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. I asked how much it costs and he said $700-$800 so yeah I won't be doing that. He said there's a place in Boise I could go to but it's still $185 which is more than I want to spend-so we'll just hope for a girl but not get too caught up in it-and be happy with what comes out! I still have NO clue where the boys will go during the delivery and all that jazz!

I've been telling the boys since we have coughs and germs that friends can't come play at our house. The other day when a friend came over I told Brandon to tell him you're sick and can't play. Usually he complains and says he's not sick but the other day we opened the door and he said "I'm sick-I can't play" and then he started coughing, and Tyler started coughing--it was good..I mean they really do have colds--me too!

Today at the doctor's office there was another little boy there-about Brandon's age and as soon as we walked in the mother stood up and said maybe these boys will play with you-the boy kept asking my boys to play that he was building his cousins house and did they want to help. At first Brandon said I don't know how to build a house-since we usually build monsters, power rangers, transformers and animals I can understand. Then he said we're sick we can't play with you-and Tyler said yeah-and they both started coughing. It was just funny-

So today when I was talking to my Mom on the phone-the boys were playing upstairs, Tyler comes down and it looked like he had gross dried boogers all over his I clean them off..he goes back upstairs to play. Later he comes down and he's got dried poop all over his jammies. Yeah that wasn't dried boogers on his hands that was dried poop. He likes to put his hands in his diaper when he can't find any pockets-and it's a pretend pocket--yeah that's what happened today--GROSS!

Tyler just went over to shoot Brandon he points his fingers-that's his gun. Brandon doesn't want to play right now and just said T-Y-L-E-R and Tyler came running over crying with these HUGE alligator tears..aww poor boy!

These are all the small and interesting things that happen in my life!--DAILY!!