Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've been informed

Today at lunch I was informed by Brandon "Mom-do you know that there are going to be three girls and three boys? Me, Tyler and Daddy we're boys and you're going to have 1 more girl so there will be 3 girls and 3 boys!"

And he talked about when Marie's older we need another xbox controller so that she can play too-and how there's going to be 5 people--I informed him that the xbox can only have 4 players and he said "it's okay Mom, we'll get another screen" Good grief--yeah we're going through breaking an xbox addiction!..boy I can't wait to get out of this house!! We sure have tantrums over here!

This is NOT an announcement I just thought it was cute. Just something totally out of the blue..but I hope someday it's true.

2 from Christmas vacation that I liked-quotes:
"Dude it's just ground beef" -Luke
"They are men but they are smaller than children" or something like that the umpa lumpa's from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Are we getting people sick? Friday afternoon one of my scrapbook girls and her daughter came to play for a few hours-she calls me Saturday to inform me that he daughter threw up the night before-and hoped we didn't get it. Saturday morning we go to clean the church--there is one other family there and I talk to their Mom on Sunday and her 2 oldest threw up that night...weird. She says that her children didn't go anywhere that week-so she wasn't sure how she got it. I told her about our other friend--but my children haven't got sick-well no signs anyway. Plus it seems too soon that they are sick the night after seeing us..but it's just too crazy it happened twice.

I hope there will be NO throwing up here anytime soon! But just weird.

Friday I attempted to put Marie's hair in a pony tail. Eric says I can't really call it a pony tail because it's so small-but I still think it's cute.

And for all you ladies out there with girls-I never understood how a childs hair can be so funky after a pony tail...I thought it was just laziness or multiple days of the same dew. I didn't realize after just a few hours how funky their hair was!

Good thing I had a girl so I can understand the craziness of girls hair! But it's still fun!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teething, Crawling, Standing and Scrapbooking!

Marie has been the most busy lately. She cut some teeth a couple of weeks ago-and I think they are still bugging her..no fun! She won't let me get a picture-which is bugging me-but Eric and I haven't tried to get it together-because it seems sadly he's not home much. Marie's been a pretty good sleeper-lately she's been sleeping through the night and that's wonderful!

Last week she did the army crawl-and got into things like this:

I know-doesn't look comfortable-but she never minded. However on Monday when I got her from her nap she was standing in her crib! So look at what she was doing this morning...

And she just looks super proud! Check out that smile!!

Here's a shot at how long her hair is getting.,plus she just LOVES the tub. Usually the boys are with her-but I think she went before them this time.

Okay I know her hair isn't too long, but long for her!

This is some of the fun the boys have been up to-Daddy's the jungle gym/donkey or something--not sure-but they had a real BLAST with this activity!

Eric's been working MANY, MANY hours still-and I haven't really adjusted yet..but try not to have a bad attitude about it. Some day's one or both of the boys are playing in the basement-so he just says goodbye to them, and sometimes he doesn't get home until they are in bed..it's rough. Mostly on me I think-but whatever. He really helps on the weekends and lets me get away as much as I want!

As for me-I'm closer to my scrapbook friends than anybody else I think. One of them has a 3 year old boy-but it's hard to get together because his Mom works at a high school so that limits when we can get together..but it's still nice to have a friend the same age. We've had a couple dinners and it's been fun getting to know people. Plus I've really enjoyed starting Marie's scrapbook. I still do the boys-but there's just something fun about pink and purple!

I meet with scrapbooking once a week--and looking forward to my RS game night! So there are some exciting things to get me out of this house!!

Oh we've invented this game-called rotten egg-which is basically freeze tag in the living room--the person that's it first is the last one to get dressed, or get their pajamas on-I like it because the area isn't that big so you don't get too tired-but it's just been a good game for us in this COLD weather.

This is all for now-hope you're all enjoying your lives! We still don't have any callings-but I'm perfectly fine with that..I enjoy meeting more people in the ward and just feeling free! I've dedicated myself to reading my scriptures the minute I put the kids to bed and it's the first time in a LONG time I feel like I'm really learning and I'm excited about it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frozen Peas

You know life is good when your little one can eat and LOVE frozen peas. It's the perfect feed yourself item-that's cheap and healthy! Totally LOVE this stage!

Tonight I'm going to attempt to do Lasagna in the crock pot-I'll let you know how it goes.

And for the longest time I've wanted to put my 2 cents on the Bounce Dryer bar--I LOVE IT! It lasts pretty much the time frame it says it does, my undies are a big static-y because they're dry silk..but I don't feel it while wearing them-just see it while folding. It's a very much invited step to skip in laundry!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brandon really loves being the big brother-and loves to spend time with Marie!

I know it's been a while..so much has happened in Marie's life since I've wrote. She is now mobile-not on her knees but scooting, and she gets wherever she wants to go..I'm going to have to put a gate on the stairs very soon. She waves and claps, says dada this stage is just super fun!

As for the boys-Tyler says he's tired when it's time to go to Primary but has been staying and is happy at the end..so that's good. Brandon's decided White is no longer his favorite color and cries when it's time to get dressed for church-oh no not this again..but we videoed yesterday--so you can all enjoy the fun!

-If the videos don't work-try a different day..last time they didn't work the day I posted them-but after they did.

My Mom gave us a cape at Christmas-which was really loved by Tyler-but most recently Brandon has started playing some Nightcaster game that Eric played on the xbox-he's teaching himself-but Brandon wears the cape now because it looks like the guy-so our house is just full of super heroes!

Marie's hair is getting longer-so I can put a barrette in it-I'm just so proud-I don't have to deal with head bands anymore..she can get those! I have a cute video of her waving-but it won't load..maybe another time.

One day I asked Brandon to pose-and this is what he did-he called it his anger look and wanted me to post it.