Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday-

Happy Birthday To ME! This is the first year I can remember that Eric didn't ask me for a list..and I was thankful because I kept on forgetting my birthday was coming up-there are so many other things like Marie's blessing, camping and vacation I keep thinking about. He did a very awesome job without a list he got things that I've been wanting and it was wonderful he remembered! It's so fun with the boys, they went shopping with him-helped him wrap them, they delivered them to me-they were just super, super excited. Brandon showed me how cool my card was just loads of fun.

I forgot that any birthday is very exciting to them though-I wasn't planning on having cake or ice cream, but they sure were. It was fun-the boys helped decorate the cake it was a very fun to spend some time as a family!

Because I didn't have a list-I was trying to think of something Saturday morning and Brandon and I saw a commercial for the Ice Age 3 game-it looked fun..I told him to tell Daddy as an idea..but oh boy Brandon was very, very excited for it and wouldn't let us forget-so we just got it to get it and Brandon does totally LOVE it. It's the perfect skill level for him-I highly recommend it.

Overall it was a fantastic birthday weekend!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some pics of life..

I realize I haven't posted many pictures since Marie's birth. Here's a few photos of the kids and family. Still no pics of my vacation-sorry I'm lazy.

This is what I'm talking about-what a good big brother!

That's Brandon's hand, he's doing all he can to get her to smile-and it worked.

Marie's got this thing she forms bubbles then they drool off her face..but cute.

Oh I love it when pictures like this turn out!

This is Brandon's picture-not perfect but good enough..look at the smile he captured!

This is one of the boys' favorite places, they take turns winding the mobile and I don't know-they just LOVE being in there..we're constantly cleaning feet!

Good News

The good news is I FINALLY got around to spraying last night and I woke up to NO ants today..I'm very pleased with that! However as I was storing the unused spray I noticed I had some left over spray from 2 years ago..I guess I should look before going to the store. However it costs less than $10 so it's not totally horrible.

Today at 6:50am everybody was awake. I hope Marie doesn't start this horrible habit of waking early like the boys! I did sleep right after I put her down though I think by 9:30 I was out-so I did get plenty of sleep.

I want to post that Brandon is such a great big brother. When Marie's fussy and I can't get to her or we're in the store and she's crying in her car seat he just has to go over to her-say her name and she's automatically happy. He's the best person to get in front of her when we want a happy picture of her-it's awesome. Also he's quite the photographer, there's a great picture of Nana, Me and Marie that he took-maybe someday I'll get it scanned in..and he wants to take pictures of Marie every time I get the camera out-it's just sort of fun.

I think there was more I wanted to say--oh yeah Thursday night was Marie's first full nights sleep. Did do that last night-but it was cool Thursday she went to bed about 10:30pm (late) and slept until was awesome. Last night was about 9pm to 3am but still a big chunk and I'm happy about that.

Okay crying baby-my call to get off..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I know, I know

Okay so it's been a while since I've blogged. Number 1 I've been on vacation for pretty much this whole month-and believe it or not of all the things to forget I forgot my CAMERA. So there's not going to be any pictures of our vacation because their either on Grandma's camera in Orem, the pictures I developed that are downstairs but I don't want to hook up the scanner right now, or on the disposable camera that I keep forgetting to take to the photo place. So who knows if you'll ever see them...3 kids keep me pretty busy!

Marie takes a pretty long nap around noon or so but we go to the free lunch at the park, stay for a while and usually when I try to put her down after sleeping in the carrier for about 2 hours she doesn't want to. Plus it's already afternoon and there are other things I've got to get done like laundry, organizing and figuring out dinner. I really need to learn how to make the crock pot my friend-hopefully I'll get there soon.

Okay I started this yesterday Marie started crying, today she's not taking a long nap and she's probably going to interrupt again. I'm not going to post for a while because I can feel a cold coming on and I know I'll be hitting they hay fairly early for the next few days.

Karen Buxton...we have ants in our kitchen..after we see you we come back to that-I blame you~! Just teasing but I know that happened to you too--I finally bought some stuff for that but who knows when we'll get around to spraying that, even though the ants drive me crazy and I'm paranoid about everything-it's the energy that I don't have and it's not as much of an emergency for Eric..we'll see about that.

So this is my cheesy blog entry-sorry to all those that enjoy my regular blogging someday I'll get back to that...some day..