Friday, March 1, 2013

Mostly about Marie

 On February 16th Marie performed her dance, 2 songs-2 costumes.  It was long but she enjoyed it.  The second song she didn't really know that well..but she's 3 after all.  This is her first costume, very modest if I may add-the owner does a wonderful job keeping it modest and I appreciate that!  This is her hair-all the other girls' Mom paid $20 to get a fake hair piece but I thought her natural locks were plenty!

After her performances she got a medal for participating, and this is her second costume.
 Marie also got her very first hair cut Feb. 27th!  Looks gorgeous and not so frizzy, and a LOT easier to style!



Here is just a couple shots of other family members, Katelyn especially has grown!

I told Katelyn to show me her teeth!  This is the best she gave me, not happy but you can see her teeth!
 Tyler with  many eyes!   The boys are just dying to film something funny and send it into 
America's Funniest Videos

 Yesterday we were having pretzel fun!  We were able to spell all our names!!