Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well life is just getting better and better!  Katelyn has only woken once during the night for the past 3 nights, which is just fabulous!  Since she was 6 weeks old, which was last Friday she's been smiling a lot and enjoying songs and play time-basically attention..which is fun when I have time to give it to her.  Of course getting a picture of her smiling is another story.

This was the first picture of her smiling I captured..too bad she's not looking at the camera!
Here's a half smile...

Here's the best picture of a smile I've got right now.

Look at Marie's hands totally ready for a photo shoot!
 Saturday night Eric finished his dream garage!  He only waited 10 years for this..happy birthday to himself!!!  He says half the fun was doing the work..I know I haven't been as excited about his work bench, peg board and window blinds as he's wanted me to be--I am grateful..I just don't express it well I guess.
I love how the little kid bikes and scooters fit under the bottom shelf!

Here's his blinds, so nobody can see what we have in here..!  And he hangs the hoses on the hose hanger for winter..I thought that was clever.

This is the work bench, extra shelf and peg board that he's very very proud of!  Everything is within reach with NO digging through boxes!   

 Eric also fixed our garage door last week.  I thought we'd just have to wait and see how money was after we got all our baby bills..but Eric found a part online and $50 later our garage door worked again...SO nice.  At first I thought-at least it's not winter..but when the kids wanted a bike or scooter to play with-life was a bit complicated..I'm happy to have a garage again!

Here's just some other pictures

Marie finally let me put pig tails in her hair!!  It's been a bun or 1 pony on the side for a LONG TIME.

 Marie playing in the tub and blowing bubbles!
And there's a cute video to watch-but for some reason there's a problem...so maybe next time.