Friday, April 30, 2010

What was I thinking?

I guess I forgot how Idaho weather works--I swapped the kids clothes for warmer ones, got the pool out-and now it's cold and Wednesday it even did the hail of snowballs again..good grief! Where did all the warm weather go? People think I'm crazy because the boys still wear shorts..but they pick their own clothes out and we're mostly inside anyway!

Here's just some pics of Marie-guess she's the only one I get the camera out for anymore!

This is Brandon jamming on the guitar to some song after a movie-I can't think of what movie it was, but it was so cute we had to get it on film. He didn't know we were filming at first-so it's no's just what he was doing. Super cute!

I went to Tuesday Morning yesterday for the first time-what an adventure-boy have I been missing out all this time! Awesome store! And the Roberts Arts and Crafts are going out of business here-so I got a couple scores there at 65% off..that was nice! I'm excited to scrapbook on Saturday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothin' Much

Well there's really not a whole lot going on in Idaho Falls right now. There's been quite a few beautiful days and me and the kids are all that's nice. But today is a rainy day-started yesterday afternoon and it continues-so it's hard to be back inside-but life goes on.

One day Brandon wanted me to get a picture of him climbing the tree. Before his birthday he got pretty high-but a branch stabbed him and it was a pretty bad owie--so I'm glad he's climbing again!

Since Brandon's birthday he's been big on dragons. So he's got 3
that he plays with a lot.

There was a day that Brandon could finally fly his kite!

We got everybody in the swimming pool-even Marie on Saturday. The boys got cold quick-but Marie loved it for a LONG time, way past her nap time she was out there splashing away. Our neighbor has a big pool I guess almost 3 feet deep, so the boys will have a BLAST in that this summer!

-I tell them to say cheese and this is what I get-pathetic!

Marie's growing more and more each day. This is the first time she's really eaten with a utensil by herself. I was so proud of her-and then after I took this I noticed she did spill a bit down her seat--so now I put it in a dish and she really does do great! Yeah, one more thing she can do by herself while I finish making dinner!

Today we found some good scores at DI. We found these Hulk fists that Brandon wants-for $2, we have a bowling ball but no pins and we found some of those, I got a wonder tee long sleeved shirt-at least I can wear that a few more times in this city this year!, oh 2 play shot guns-the boys are going crazy, and a kid watch that actually tells time. Which reminds me-I think I saw a commercial that a place had watches as their kids meal toys right now? Does anybody know where?? Burger King? 1 just isn't cutting it-they usually wear Uncle Brett's old digital watch and Eric's -neither have batteries but they pretend they're some powerful guy with them..but 1 with real time, is a total hit!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Cake

Brandon is 5 years old! We didn't really do too much yesterday, had Little Caesar's Pizza for dinner-he loves it..and we had some friends over for cake and ice cream. Plus he got to stay up almost 2 hours past his bedtime-so I think he had a good time.

I love the dino dig cake that I made-I think it looks great! Of course I got the idea online-but the bones were more time consuming than I thought, I now really appreciate the magical wonder of cookie cutters!
When we got done-Brandon told me it was perfect. That makes it all worth it!!

-Brandon and Tyler helped putting the dirt on the cake, and putting the rocks around the edge, they did a good job! Here we are being a little silly!

-Tyler enjoyed eating the rest of the frosting from the container- (Yes I actually bought icing this year, I shocked myself too)

-Maybe someday I'll get into the birthday spirit-I spent $2 at the Dollar Tree for decorations and bought a few balloons, that's it. But Brandon was happy.

-Here's the birthday song!

Earlier in the day Tyler and I went on an adventure-basically getting the bad here's Tyler all geared up!

-And here's Marie..she's ready to attack! We had to buy our sword, shield and I had to give him money for him to buy his's fun playing store-so cute.

Here's the Easter Egg pics I was too lazy to post last time. Thank you Michelle!

Going back to March

Before I post about Brandon's birthday there are a few things we did in March that I'd like to blog about.
-First up-March 26, 2010 I thought it was hailing but it was snowing snowballs instead of snowflakes..the boys had a great time-it was just weird.

Also does anybody else have pets at their house? We play fetch A LOT. They like to hook leashes on and go for walks, it's crazy-but usually we don't have 2 pets at a time. They do these long licks, to pretend kiss-it's just crazy.

-Okay I think everything else I blogged about.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The cold photo

Amanda just posted this on Facebook-so thought I'd post it as well!
I'll see if I can't get a bigger one.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun weekend

Well it was LOTS of fun seeing family from Florida. Esther, Steve and Amanda--too bad they don't live closer I could become really close with Amanda..but it was fun while it lasted. It snowed on April 1st, it snowed on Easter-and it snowed again yesterday..come on it's APRIL!

This past weekend we went down to Utah. It was fun-Grandma took on 4 children to color Easter eggs. I was running errands then, but Brandon and Tyler were proud of their disgusting, stinky eggs! That's what they called them any way. Michelle emailed me pics-but I'm too lazy to get them and uploa
d them here-it was fun.

While down there we also celebrated Brandon's birt
hday-even though he's going to have a couple friends over tomorrow to eat his dinosaur bone cake. But it's always fun to celebrate with family.

-This is Brandon yesterday I sat down with him to put together his dinosaur-model thing-it really wasn't too rough, but wish Eric were home more to do some of these things with him.

Since my computer is wacked out-I can't see my videos before I upload them-I believe this is Marie..she gets SOO excited when it's bath time, as soon as she hears the waters-so I wanted to document it.

I think there was more I wanted to say-but who knows what. When Esther posts our picture on facebook I'll get it-it was so cold and windy-but we got us together..that's what counts I guess.

Okay my computer is being nutso-I can't see my curser and it's driving me nuts! It was a fun few days-and looking forward to having fun on Brandon's birthday.

Oh Marie can climb stairs now-not down but up, and that's fun-except I think she's going to fall down -but hasn't yet. The boys are indulging in their Easter candy-and I don't know what you're talking about Jessica M..those are the most annoying toys Grandma has ever given us!

I there are o