Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring still isnt' here!

It snowed today, not sticking..but still snow flakes-come on! This is just ridiculous! We were going to go to the zoo today, with Tyler's Joy Preschool class..well that didn't happen-the animals probably wouldn't even be out in this below 40 weather..it's horrible! Because of the weather we really haven't been up to much, I'm sick of winter-I've run out of things to do..it's just terrible!

The Easter bunny came, and the kids got a good sugar high before church Sunday, Tyler keeps asking for an egg hunt, but that just didn't happen-except for when we did it at Grandma's during the Priesthood session! We did dye eggs yesterday, for FHE-it wasn't too exciting for them, the best part was that I had them wear rubber gloves and they felt so cool! I know that's pathetic, Tyler dyed all his either orange or blue, so creative! But it's the thought that counts, I know.

On the 23rd we had Brandon's birthday party! It was the first Saturday that we could do it since his birthday..this year I know we'll have a party for Tyler there-they had so much fun. It was at a Gymnastics place and Eric said it was the first time he's had fun at a birthday party..and he did have fun, even though he was the only guy-but he was throwing the kids around, and really getting his exercise! I hung out and talked with the other mom's and tried to get a couple pictures. It was worth the 100 bucks though, for sure!-they decorated the room for me, I just had to go upstairs and pretend I did it all! And they did the plates, napkins, cups, utensils and the goody bags, it was a very stress free birthday party!

Okay I think that's all I have to update..now here's some pictures.
Oh just as a calendar type journal
This month Marie has started saying her own prayer, it's so dang cute..half the time she says it even though it's not her turn, but when it's her turn she repeats everything so you can actually understand it.
Tyler did a talent at the ward talent show-this was a while ago in March I believe-but he got on the stage and did some cool dance moves for about 2 minutes, he totally rocked it out! I was so proud of him!
Brandon's been doing really well with reading and school, he's got some attitude in the morning about going-but learns so much and it sounds like he has a good time! Oh yeah and he's invented a new sandwich, which I'll explain from the pic.

Well Marie's on my lap and this isn't working out so pics of the party will be coming soon...
-Brandon did this when he was her age..oh how it all comes back..

-Daddy finally got around to making Tyler a Jet out of Brandon's leftover kid wood. Tyler didn't want Brandon in the pic!

-just some fun with Daddy.

-Crazy Mommy!-there's a pic I'll post of Marie wearing these too..pic to come..

-Show us the moves!

-Brandon with his birthday crown from school.

-Wow-everybody's happy!

-Here's Brandon's invention, Bread then cheese, then peanut butter, then bread then 3 slices of ham on top! He says it's do die for!! I've never tried it!